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Baltimore: Dark Harbor

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Baltimore: Dark Harbor

Baltimore: Dark Harbor - Forum
Vampire: Masquerade

Game Information

The game will be making use of the the V20 Rule Set overall. There will likely be a few rule tweaks and house rules, such as using the Disciple rules for Celerity from Dark Ages: 20th Anniversary. This will of course be discussed further in-depth in the game forum. Some stuff might not be up right away as everyone starts character creation. I will likely add some stuff as it comes up via Q&A. Other stuff will be posted as needed.

That in mind, there has been a lot that has happened in the Vampire setting, and there are several different editions floating around right now. V20 clearly, the Dark Ages 20th as mentioned, Victorian, as well as the original Masquerade and its own DA, the newest V5, and of course Requiem. These all have some varying degrees of similarity with the Storyteller/Storytelling system, as well as some other glaring differences.

Masquerade over the nearly 30 years its been around has always been my favorite, outside of maybe Mage. Various things from the other editions however sometimes catch my eye. I expect this has happened with other people as well. Given the theme of the game and the various disruption of the Kindred's blood and power caused by "Gehenna", if someone has something from an earlier edition outside of V20 that hasn't been given some sort of translation I will be willing to try and toolkit something. If something has shown up in Requiem or more recently in V5 as well that might work for this game, please feel free to express it. Keep in mind, mechanics will always be secondary to a good character concept and an engaging backstory.

Characters Creation and Expectations

So in-depth details on character creation will be listed in the game forum. Applications may be posted >>here<<

Characters will be Ancilla Vampires. So you will have a bit of power under your belt. You'll need it for the task at hand. However character creation will be done in stages. The initial creation and selection process will be basic creation at the standard rate of Neonate (with 35xp). I abhor frontloaded character, and frankly it happens far too often if I just throw 100xp out on the floor at the start of things. I want well rounded and defined characters to pick from at the beginning of things. Once I have the coterie selected, then additional experience will be delved out to the group. As it stands right now, I will probably be looking to pick six (6) or seven (7) well-suited Kindred.

If things run smoothly, I may try to increase the number of players after things have started. I only have one other setting game going with Pathfinder, so depending on the speed of the players, more may be an option. I could also consider picking of a co-ST and expanding things out. We will see how things go. So don't be completely be discouraged if you arent selected at the start. Things change. You are still welcome to hang out in the Discord and give your peanut gallery comments about how these silly Kindred are going to get themselves killed.

Characters should be able to work together. The loner or wild card concept has it's place, but isn't likely to work very well in this game setting. You will need each other's assistance and support to survive the nights ahead. It's only going to get worse out there before it gets better.

As mentioned before as well, things since "Gehenna" has made Kindred blood a bit strange. Some bloodlines have been wiped out of existence, others have seen their powers mutated. As I update the game lore section, there may be a few things that aren't standard fare. There shouldn't be A LOT of changes, but a few things might end up tweaking someones concepts. For better or worse depending on who you are. Some members of the same clan/bloodline may also not have experienced the same changes. Two players with a Malkavian concept for example may be able to use Dementation or Domination as valid disciple selections. Please make sure to reference the game's Wiki for clan availability and changes. The available Kindred options will be listed on there. Other questions may be directed to the Discord, or the forum's OOC thread.
I am still updating the Wiki as we go. If something isnt filled in yet, please ask. This is going up during the July 4th holiday, so I may have things pop up during the holiday weekend that prevents me from updating everything as fast as expected.
*Please note*

Setting and Lore

So if you are a hard-core stickler for the lore of Masquerade, I would recommend backing out now. Not because I'm throwing everything out the window, but I will be making my own modifications to existing lore, and the direction that things will have been going since the events of 2005 and the original "Final Nights" of the World of Darkness settings. There may be some Clan tweaks, and other changes here or there slightly. If you are going to be the, "Well Beckett didnt say that in X source material." or "X book claims Saulot did this..." please leave now. It'll be better for all of us involved.

Clearly things didn't end. The world didn't stop spinning. Gehenna came and went. Some say its still happening. It wasn't a single event, but an age of death and destruction for the Kindred. The Antediluvians are dead. Some killing each other, others dying through other means. The how and why are not important. The multiple accounts conflicting each other, as no one claiming to have been there is likely to be believed anyways. The end result however from everything was the Camarilla fell. The Ivory Tower collapsed. Their powers began to fail them. They lost influence. They began to eat their own. It made the story of "The Feast of Folly" look like a children's bedtime story. With no Antediluvians, the Sword of Caine had no purpose. No direction. In fighting took hold. The Sabbat leaders, like the Camarilla, had their powers fail them. Desperate and frightened , they turned on one another. Powers of the blood was unstable. Thin-blood displayed incredible spikes in power and strength. Elders reduced to shriveled husks and ash.

The Second Inquisition followed shortly thereafter. The unstable flux in Kindred powers for the year both supernatural and influential set off a lot of red flags. The government knows Vampires are real. They know about the other supernaturals as well. They are on guard now. Kindred society is crippled. The rebuilding process will take time. That's something all vampires have though right? Time.

The year is fast approaching 2020. Its been fifteen years since everything got tossed on its ear. Baltimore and a majority of the central East Coast is without leadership. True leadership. There are a few scattered Princes trying to keep some semblance of order. Trying to maintain peace. Most however are Prince in title only. Its a empty label. A construct of a fallen era. The few remaining Kindred with some sway must rise up and rebuild a new authority. Do they leash the shifters? or keep them as equal allies? Do the magicks of the willworkers aid them or will they be snuffed out? Meanwhile the government's ever watching eye is now looming overhead - Operation: Zero Tolerance.

Discord and Posting

Myth-Weavers will be the main central point of the game. In-game posts, most dice rolls, maps, and all basic character information will be on the site. I currently have a good bit of game lore I am posting onto the game Wiki.

However over the years with PbP, I've found that a general OOC thread falls short. I'm also one of those people that gets SUPER excited when it looks like the game has a new post, only to find out that its some random post in a a private thread. And while I don't foresee this turning into a PvP game right away, its Vampire, and private threads are pretty much a given.

Discord has been a very welcome tool to PbP. It becomes far easier to keep everyone in communication. It also makes private discussion a bit smoother, and removes some frustration from the other players regarding the little orange icon on the site here.

So while there will still be a OOC thread, that given the nature of a Vampire game, I *will* require players to be willing to use Discord. I have left it as optional for most my other games in the past. However given the cloak and dagger nature that Vampire can entail, quicker communication becomes more important to maintain a steady game flow.

As for posting rate itself, I'm hoping to be at around 1+/every other day. Things of course may fluctuate given the scene and the players involved in it. However hopefully with Discord, communications will maintain open between everyone to allow ups and downs without too much of the game getting hung up in limbo waiting on posting.

Game Start and Application Deadlines

Applications should be submitted by the end day (23:59) of July 20th. Please note I am USA, East Coast. I will be using my time zone as this cut off period. That is currently as (GMT-4) with Daylight Savings. Make sure to verify the time against your local time if it is different. I will be looking to make character selections over the next couple days from that. At that point additional experience will be provided for characters to round out their stats. The game itself will likely be starting around the beginning of August.

Game Description:

"So, yeah, 2005 came and went. The so called "Big bad Gehenna". What a crock of bull... I'm not going to lie though. Saying things got a little f-in' weird is putting it lightly. The Year of Thin Blood now is a time that many Kindred refuse to talk about and discuss at any given length.

Mostly because of the horrors they themselves inflicted against their own kind. Many are haunted by foul memories and shutter to remember the things that transpired. And trust me that it takes a lot to cower some of those older Sabbat guys. Others have just gone so far over the deep end from the events fifteen years ago, they make the normal Malk Lunatics seem sane in comparison. Murder and Diablerie was rampant and common place, as many elders felt a loss of power and strength. Trust was few and far between, something that was already hard to come by with many in our little undead society. It was a year of fear among the Kindred, the Cainite, whatever name you want to label yourself. Camarilla, Sabbat, Anarch, Independant.. We all were victims, and no one was safe. Anyone that tells you otherwise was in torpor through the whole damn thing, or a lying sack of scite.

Of course every other supernaturals of the world felt the sting of the Red Star too. Scholars, Mages, and everyone else in-between still question what exactly caused many of the events of that year but most are glad that it didn't last. Whatever the cause... it seemed to triggered a domino effect of different major supernatural events worldwide. This of course lead to The Second Inquisition.

With the Nossies like everyone else in shamble, some damn otaku left SchreckNet undefended and open. Hunters in the NSA got wind of us, they got past the firewalls and everything went sideways. The Kindred thought Thin Blood was bad ? Yeah, things were just getting started. All the dirty laundry was out for the damn hunter network to see. Safehouses, bank accounts, weapon caches. They passed that info around more than a joint at a middle schooler slumber party. Of course they knew not to panic the public. So our existence wasn't broadcast for the world to see, but the pain still came. They took out the Tremere's Chantry in Vienna first. Of course it was labeled as a terrorist attack. Then London, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Atlanta. Terrorists attacks my ass. They burned us down. Morning raids. Ghouls arrested. Accounts frozen. Properties seized.

They found the Shifters, the Awakened, the Fae, and the Fallen too. We all suffered. The thin-bloods and newly sired helped the other "super-friends" out during that time... Now, I've seen what a werewolf could do before all this crap. So I'm sorry-not-sorry but that dirty fleabag can get f'in shot up. That's bullets he's taking and not my pale undead ass... Anyways though, a common enemy brought us together, at least for awhile. Fighting for shared survival. For the most part the Hunters have pulled back. We're fractured enough, they probably feel that can keep track of us better now if we try and "overstep" again.

Charm City here has a few Harry Dresden wannabes, but most of them are lucky if they can boil an egg. Havent heard a peep from the Fae or a Demon in nearly a decade. We have a few treaties here locally with a wolf pack or two, but I can't say many are inclined to follow them except when its convenient. It's not like we have a lot of power to enforce anything. You can write a very harshly worded letter to their Alpha...Or maybe hashtag it Twitter #LickMySilverBullet, that'll show 'em.

So, everyone is still trying to recover even after fifteen years. The Camarilla is a shadow of its former self. The Sabbat too. So I guess the Anarchs won? Kinda. Its a hollow victory. Repairing something that took centuries to build doesn't fix itself over night despite what we might want to believe. Especially when most the power at the top came crashing down. What defined us as a Clan before isnt as clear. Some of the bloodlines are strong enough to make their own claims now, if they got the wild hair to do it. I'm not going to tell a Nagaraja, they can't at this point. Are you? Got more teeth in their head than a goddamn shark.

Who'd have ever thought we'd miss the good ole' days?"

"If what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, I should be a damn demi-god by now."
Soldiers of Fortune / Baltimore: Dark Harbor / War-Dolls
Originally Posted by Knight of Holy Wor View Post
Just wanted to chime in and say @ArcaneDesperado is an awesome dude all around and a cool gm. For any newbies feeling overwhelmed or unsure, don't be shy Arcane is awesome.
I will make you join Discord! It might not be this game. But I will make it happen before I am finished.

Thank you for the praise though.

This sounds kinda awsome and overwhelming at the same time, considering my pre-existing knowledge regarding most things Gahenna is a bit lackluster. But perhaps that's a good thing for this game.

Let's see if the creative juices can conjure up some interesting character concept to run with for this.

I am so, so very interested. I have been dying to play some sort of Vamp game. I was in one, but the ST's computer died and that was that. Then, I wanted to get in on a Dark Ages game, but real life got really real and I couldn't get things done in time. But I'm going to try again!

This game has excitement written all over it, unfortunately I am already in two game and I try to limit myself to two games. I will see if I can find the time to commit to another. I have vacation coming from July 23rd to August 6th, going to GenCon, so we will see.

I just want to thank everyone that has commented, posted, or joined the Discord so far at this point. Despite posting this ad initially during the start of a holiday weekend, when I suspect a majority of people to be out and about, I have gotten an overwhelming amount of interest. There is plenty of time for everyone to still get an application in, but I'm honestly blown away still at this point by the sheer volume of attention this has received.

I was highly hesitant about jumping back into a WoD game since coming back to the site after my last hiatus. World of Darkness was my bread and butter for a long time here. Was almost all I ran on the site for several years. Especially when the New World of Darkness series first came out. So there is a lot of emotional attachment with these things.

I know already I'm going to have to turn away a number of incredible applications, and I haven't even gotten all of them yet.

Man, AD, and here I was trying to cut back on my games. : )

This game hits all of the sweet spots for me. Vampire, on of the deepest and smartest systems, rich in lore and character.

Stately and soiled Baltimore, which I know very well. I currently live about 60 miles west but lived within the beltway for a few years in my younger days. Pikesville specifically, if you know it.

And to top it off you've posted pics from Bloodlines 2. Haven't had this sort of anticipation for a PC game since I played the original.

I'll definitely get an app up and together for your review. Thanks so much for putting all of this together.

Definitely interested in this. I've been playing VtM since the 2nd edition. On top of that, I live in the County (Baltimore that is) AND work in the city (like most of us who live in the County). Would love to see what you do with this AD. App coming your way.


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