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Weekend Warriors - Rules Lite Fantasy

Weekend Warriors - Forum

First Thing's First - I work 10+ hours a day Monday through Friday with the weekends off. So I can dedicate the majority of my free time to this game on weekends with occasional bits throughout the week. Because of this I'm NOT looking for players who take the weekends off from posting. I'm looking for two types of players:
  • Those who post throughout the week and on the weekends.
  • Those who post mostly on the weekends with occasional post throughout the week.

The word weekend being key in both those, thus the name Weekend Warriors.

The Prophecy - This weekend restriction bundled with yet another homebrewed fantasy game, recruiting during the middle of summer, is going to make getting new players difficult I predict. This leads me to believe that in order to get enough people to play, I'm going to have to accept everyone who wants to play. So unless you make me angry, if you apply, you're in. I also predict that this will lead to people dropping out of the game soon after it starts, so I have plans in place to deal with this until we get a core group willing to continue through those initial growing pains.

What you should expect?
The idea for this game is for a group of adventurers to get together, travel the world, and go on quest in a fantasy setting. There's no huge fancy campaign arc or long term plan, just adventures. Once one adventure ends, the next one begins, possibly a couple in-game months later or maybe immediately. The adventures will probably not be connected to each other story wise, other than it's the same characters on the adventure (and maybe that's not even necessary).

The adventures I plan on using include: converted published adventures from other fantasy game systems, homemade adventures tailored to your characters, and improv adventures both made up on the spot and randomly generated using tables galore.

So basically, a party of adventurers doing whatever they want, telling whatever story they want, and trying to get rich and not killed in the process.

However, there is one very important thing you should know before applying. Combat is ran differently than probably anything else you've played before. Combat in this game can be summed up like this:
  • All players choose their actions simultaneously (as best as you can in a play-by-post).
  • Those actions will provide bonuses to attack, defense, or both.
  • Total up all the bonuses from all the players
  • Roll 2d6, twice for the entire party (not per player). Once for attacks and once for defense.
  • Add total bonuses to the dice results. If the result is greater than the opposition's target number, then the difference is the loss of stamina reduced.
  • This continues until the players either win both attack and defense rolls or loses both attack and defense rolls.

It's more detailed than that, but that'll give you an idea. This will create quick combat encounters that involves teamwork to overcome, but it may not be everyone's cup of tea (adding to the prophecy above).

Thanks for your consideration.

Game Description:

This is an RPG game using a set of rules I created. I took some mechanics I liked from different game systems, added a few original ideas, and created a rules lite game that fits my GM style.

The game rules follow the generic D&Dish fantasy game world as my plan is to rummage through my collection of old Dungeon Magazines and D&D modules and play some of the adventures I always wanted to play or “reboot” some stories with new characters and new rules. While at the same time run some original adventures or DCC modules and adventures.

Seeing as these are my homemade game rules, I might find something in them during game play that didn't work out the way I wanted them too. If this situation occurs, I'll inform everyone of the rules change.

Seeing how this is the weekend right now,
I'm expecting this to be the best time to attract some attention for this game.

Another character example. This one was created using the normal rules.

༺Southland Human Thief༻

ᗙ Deception
ᗙ Streetwise
ᗙ Thievery
ᗙ Stealth
ᗙ Agility
ᗙ Reasoning
ᗙ Dueling
ᗙ Awareness

[Advanced Thief Knowledge]

ᗙ Fresh
ᗙ Rapier
ᗙ Twin Daggers
ᗙ Leather Armor

[Beginner's Luck]
[Max: 8]


Originally Posted by King Nate View Post
Posting Frequency - There's no set posting frequency for this game. We'll move at speed in which we post as a group. When you log on and there is something you can contribute to the story, add a post if you have time, ask questions OOC, clarify your actions, or ask for clarification. Keep the game fluid by adding post in character or OOC.

I'll try to post throughout the week, however the majority of my free time that I have dedicated to running this game will be on the weekends.
There isn't any set number of posting required during the weekend. The idea is to avoid people who take the entire weekend off every time. The occasional weekend off (especially during the summer and holidays) is understandable, but some kind of weekend involvement is what I'm looking for.

Hey! I like the changes to the system. Looks more streamlined now.

Still have room for a warrior or gish-type?

Originally Posted by TheGreyWulf View Post
Hey! I like the changes to the system. Looks more streamlined now.

Still have room for a warrior or gish-type?
Thanks, I'm pretty optimistic about this build. I realized I was going into the opposite direction with the last build and stepped back to get things back into the direction I wanted.

But, yeah there's still room.

I like rules-lite systems, and I revert to a weekends-only player once the semester starts up again, so count me in.

interesting. i just stumbled on this right after my own weekend started. but i am a bit worried about the thing with making you angry. how angry we talkin' here? are you patient with confused ditzes? asking for a friend. (the friend is me. always be your own friend. self-love is important.) essentially, what is your general threshold?

It takes a lot to make me angry, which is why if you do get me to that point then I'm just not going to bother having you in my game. This is technically only happened once and was put into this advert as a fallback since I said I would accept anyone who applied. I will not accept you if you make me angry.

What did the one person do to make me angry in the past? Buried my rules, buried my theme, buried the other players, and refused to fill out the player survey since it was "a waste of time". Then I'm wondering why this person even wanted to play in the game? So I kicked him out.


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