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The Codex Rewritten - Level 7 Gestalt Spheres Game

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The Codex Rewritten - Level 7 Gestalt Spheres Game

The Codex Rewritten - Forum

Welcome to The Codex Rewritten! This is a level 7 gestalt game with the restriction that all characters must be able to cast spells from the Spheres of Power system. Specifically, this game deals with the Zenithograf Convent, a new magic academy established cooperatively by the countries of Akasha, each country being devoted to the main Ten Elements; Fire, Water, Lightning, Earth; Soul, Moon, Voice, Mind; and the last being Balance. Players take roles of students of this Convent, although the term “student” is very loose. The main characters will be sent here both to learn from other students, but to also help unify the rules of magic given the resurrection of Elemental Magic since the beginning of the new age.

The other reason the term “student” is very loose is that players may be of any age. Remember that this is a very new world after the fall of the Steel Age. Some students may be old enough to remember the Steel Age and be here to learn how to re-adapt to the new era. Others may be young enough to have lived with this form of magic being present all their lives and are even perhaps leaders in their field. But as part of supporting their students, each country expect their students to influence the direction of magic as part of this convent, to write the codex on how all future generations should look at magic and this new age.

Of course, magic shenanigans are par for the course in this Convent! A few students might disappear randomly, weird magic experiments and summons will go awry, and those wizards tempted by the Light, Dark, or Quintessence are to be feared.

About the setting: I’ll be honest; this setting has been on my mind forever, but I have always had trouble filling in the details for each of the ten countries for the Elements, so I am hoping that as part of this application process, players will have interesting ideas for each of the countries that their characters come from. I know that this sounds like I am trying to offload work, so this will be optional, but any interesting details that players come up with regarding their countries will definitely be incorporated into the world and campaign, once the players move from the Convent to the world proper. For those that are willing to put in work in helping put in countries for this setting, the idea is that each country is directed ruled by their Element due to the god of that Element and their influence. Think Avatar in terms of elemental influence for their countries. (No doubt Fire, Water, Lightning, and Earth will be easiest, but Soul, Moon, Voice, and Mind might be the most interesting…). Any countries that are not filled in by the players will be filled in by me. Additional details will be filled in throughout the application process, but I'm leaving the setting to be flexible for any player input.

Post applications in the game forum as private. Houserules and character creation info will also be in that thread. Applications will be due on July 26th

Game Description:

Twenty years ago, the world changed from the Steel Age to the Second Elemental Age.

Before the time of metal and technology, society had been ruled by the faith of the Ten Elements and the magic that the faith bestowed upon the world. But as all mortals did, we advanced and began to embrace science over mysticism. The power of the gods faded, taking the magic arts with them, and we became a fully secular, technologically armed society. And as we advanced, we also became aware of the world outside our lonely continent of Akasha, and we began to conquer the Elements of the world with steam and knowledge.

As they say with all knowledge, curiosity is lethal. Our people began to rediscover their history and learn of the magic that our ancestors utilized. Without the guidance of the gods and their Elements, these researchers instead used these records to recreate magic based off of three new Elements; Light, Dark, and Quintessence. These Elements quickly grew beyond the novice acolytes’ abilities and they created disasters beyond human comprehension. The Light That Cracks Through Edges, the Dark of Silent Winter, the Quintessence of Intercalation…all entities that haunted and destroyed sanity beyond what mere steel could treat.

With little recourse, people turned to faith once again. They prayed to foreign entities where none existed in church and bible. And the corpses of gods answered, resurrecting as messiahs to protect the people against the unknowable forbidden. As these Forbidden Elements, as they are now known, retreated into the great beyond, the people turned and found their empires of metal reduced to ash, replaced by signs of gratitude to their returning gods.

So ends the Steel Age. Long live the Second Elemental Age.

Oh, knew I forgot something.

If you want to catch me, I'm usually on the MW Discord. I'm not great at checking in, but I'll eventually get to any questions if you don't want to post it in the game forum itself.

This looks pretty cool! I've had my eye on it for a bit, and you've sold me with your basic write up of the elements.

...also with 6 background skill points. That is a mechanical bit that I adore.

@HurtsvilleExpress The application deadline is stated to be July 26th in the write-up above, so you have 2 days to submit an application if you want to.

The GM has been posting in other threads on the site still rather than going completely silent so as far as I know things are working fine and everyone who has put in an App has finished it up and is just waiting for the specified deadline to roll around.

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