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In Mage the Ascension, you play a normal person who can use and cast spells. Mage the Ascension is often a game of magic vs morality. You were a sleeper and awakened your magick.

The Supernal Chronicle is a weird Tradition chronicle, focusing on exploring mysteries, dealing with the strangeness of Magick, Chantries intrigue and the occasional obstacles in your path to discover the truth.

The Tradition main goal is for all humanity to reach ascension. Global Ascension won't be our main goal or objective but try to keep it in mind, when making your character.

Mage characters are proactive, hooks will be given but if your character is the kind that needs constant guidance, you might need to revise your concept.

Our chronicle begins in Las Vegas, where your masters part of the same cabal are concerned with a stolen wonder from a young apprentice. Retrieving the wonder is your main goal.

Las Vegas will be your main base of operation, but mages aren't limited by location and there will be plenty of places to explore on Earth and Otherworlds.

Metaplot essentials: (Everything else would be as assumed by M20 default)

-The old council's stronghold collapsed in Horizon.
-The New Horizon Council has taken over, taking the traditions into the new Millenium.

The Nine traditions, some have taken new names to reflect their changes in attitude (see Mage 20, p. 145-146 for more details on these metaplot changes). This metaplot change just makes the Traditions more open in general to more concepts.

Character Creation

Follow the guidelines in M20 for creating your Tradition Mage. You can use merits, flaws, archetypes from the sources below.

Sources available:

Mage the Ascension 20th Anniversary Edition
How do you do that? (M20 edition)
Book of Secrets (M20 Edition)
Gods & Monsters (M20 Edition)

Game Description:

Supernal is a mage the ascension 20th-anniversary chronicle.

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Me too Xerin, I am reading as fast as I can with the time I have. I think you can come up with a character concept before you read everything. I know a bit of Mage the Awakening, not Mage the Ascension. My concept is a writer who wants to create books that can lead to Ascension even though it will be a collection of fiction books. Good luck!

@brainiac The Avatar Storm was temporary, the worst of it has passed, so not relevant anymore when it comes to game effects.

@Xerin If you need help, just ask


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