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Amazing Stories of WWII

Amazing Stories of WWII - Forum


A directive issued by the head of the United Nations
on this 15th day of July, 1939

Whereby it has come to our attention that the military forces in Germany, Italy, and Japan have become a threat to not only their own citizens, but to those of the people in the world at large, it becomes necessary to properly prepare and be able to defend ourselves in the event that these nations decide to launch all-out attacks on our sovereignty. We shall not stand idly by and allow our way of life to be subjugated by these tyrannical entities! Therefore, at precisely noon Greenwich Mean Time today, executive order IA-1138 has been signed authorizing the recruitment and use of the so-called "super-powered beings" that have become part of our own cultures and way of life.

Any and all super-powered beings who wish to enlist in their home countries' military may now do so without fear of retribution or being turned away, provided they can pass the mental and physical portions of the entrance examinations. And it should be put forth that these examinations shall differ in no way from the same ones that are given to the standard recruits who fly planes or carry firearms on the front lines; there shall be no difference in the way these men and women are both recruited and trained as they will be viewed by all as members of the armed forces, just like anyone else.

Prior to enlisting, one needs to familiarize themselves with both the standards of enlistment and the applicable addenda related to super-powered beings for their home country's military. Once you have done that, please pick up and fill out the applicable paperwork, which can be dropped off at your local recruitment office for review. Should you have additional questions, you may direct them to your local recruitment officer, who shall respond to all inquiries in a timely fashion.

This directive is valid until the 26th of July, at which point this office shall review whether or not to extend it for additional recruitment.


Game Description:

The end of the first world war was not necessarily the end of war in Europe. Multiple conflicts arose and boiled over, with countries and people fighting over territory, all trying to not only reclaim what they had lost in the war, but to perhaps expand their own empires now that the German threat had been abated. Europe, reeling from the "war to end all wars", was still embattled and rife with conflict and combat. And it would all lead up to the second major conflict - World War II.

The primary, key event leading up to the second world war was Hitler's ascension to Chancellor in 1933, which gave him literally the head seat at the table. With the power he wielded, he was able to remilitarize Germany, ignoring the Versailles and Locarno treatises. And in 1936, he allied a renewed Germany with both Italy and Japan, forming what would become the basis for the Axis powers.

But war was ever-present, in Europe and Africa and Asia. Italy, under the power of Benito Mussolini, mobilized her forces and invaded Ethiopia in 1935. Spain fell into civil war in 1936, a conflict they would not get out of until the continent was on the brink of full-scale war in 1939. Japan invaded the Chinese mainland in 1937, all while engaging in conflicts over borders with Russia. And when Germany annexed Austria in 1938, everyone knew it was only a matter of time before everyone was involved, including the United States, who could not ignore involvement after the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941. For 2 decades after the end of the "war to end all wars", the entire planet was involved in one conflict or another.

But there is hope. There are those working for the Allied countries who believe that they can turn the tide of the second world war. Heroes, working secretly for the Allied governments, have been dispatched to multiple locations to repel the growing Nazi and Japanese threats. From super soldiers crafted by crude eugenics, to civilians who have mastered the use of gadgets and devices, to those born with extraordinary abilities. Now is the time, when the war is young, to get involved and help make sure we preserve freedom and justice!

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Very excellent! WIP app posted. Is U.S. OSS applicable?

Originally Posted by Conaldar View Post
Very excellent! WIP app posted. Is U.S. OSS applicable?
What is this? I don't know what OSS is, so you'll have to fill me in.

Originally Posted by Scarecrow71 View Post
What is this? I don't know what OSS is, so you'll have to fill me in.
I am pretty certain she means Office of Strategic Services, which was the predecessor to the CIA.

Originally Posted by Roughtrade View Post
I am pretty certain she means Office of Strategic Services, which was the predecessor to the CIA.
From what I can see, the OSS wasn't officially developed until 7/15/1941, which is about a year before the events of this game start. So the OSS would be allowable!

Unfortunately I do not know the system and can't apply, Scarecrow is a great GM though. I do know some history so I might be of help!

@Conaldar At the time frame, the United States did not have a centralized intelligence bureau. Different organizational entities had their own intelligence apparatus, which struggled with coordination from other bureaus. Many businessmen and lawyers had their own contact network across the world, particularly in Europe and Asia. So depending on how you want to design your character, you could be an intelligence operative of a government department such as the Treasury, a military department such as the Army, or a private intelligence or investigative firm with ties to the commercial world.

Less than a week to go. I'll be selecting this Friday, with the game to start shortly thereafter.


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