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2017 Movie Watch

Yeah, I'm not sure what the draw is to that franchise. I saw the last one around Christmas time so that we could get a good chuckle, but otherwise it's not like it's circled on anyone's calendar. But I'd bet as long as they use their Profit algorithm to keep it making money, they'll continue to make them.

It's like seeing Disney animated movie sequels that are straight-to-video.

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I was using the word "now" to emphasize my point, not as a representation of the immediate time. This franchise "jumped the shark" at part two. Only Michael "More Explosions" Bay could keep something like this on life support for so long.

I genuinely enjoyed number 1. But Revenge of the Fallen was so god awful I've never seen another one is cinemas since.

Though I was surprised Kelsey Grammar would lower himself to appearing. Such a distinguished actor from one of my favorite series, Frasier. And when they sexualised a 17 year old girl in number 4, and instead of just making her 18 they had to weasel out of it with the Romeo/Juliet law or some poppycock.

Just horrid.


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