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Multi DM Star Trek Game.

Multi DM Star Trek Game.

So I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a Multi-DM Star Trek Game?
Much like the Avengers Academy and Justice League games.

This type of play actually lends itself well to Star trek.
Being that most of the story is actually just day to day stuff happening. And you can make a character that never even goes out on a away mission. The players tend to make there own story.
It's also pretty useful in that it solves the normal Star Trek RPG problem of who gets to be what role on a ship.
Simple answer. Run more then one ship. Have more then one Character (Within Reason)
So this is kind of a interest check and a Mechanics check.
Because we come up to the question of what system to use. There are about a dozen terrible Star Trek Systems out there. The only ones that stick out in the mind are these three.
Prime Directive (role-playing game) - A FASA GURPS Role playing game.
-Have not tried this. I generally don't like Gurps, but am willing to look at it.

Star Trek Adventures:
-This one is terrible. It does not really make a star trek game, it's more Starfinder in ST.

Star Trek Roleplaying Game (Last Unicorn)
-This system actually has a massive amount of material available for it.
-I'm pretty familiar with it.
-It's a bit "Cruchnie" in the system.
But we could also consider a non-star trek system that is used for star trek.

Mutants and Masterminds would work stunningly well actually. (The toughness system I think is better Option for Star Trek)
And I'm more then willing to dig into other systems to see what they have to offer.

A Cortex Plus hack runs itself perfectly for this type of game. A GM can start a scene and not have to intervene again until the PCs resolve it (the GM has to auto buy all fumbles; makes the Plot Point economy very hectic).

Apart, from Star wars, Star trek is one kind of "play by post" role playing game I would like to both play and gamemaster.
I mentioned game-master because I do have experience with the table-top Star trek role playing game by FASA.
I quite, enjoyed playing and game mastering that game. I dont see any reason why the basic rules cant be converted into a "play by post" format.

Sure, Im interested Im a bit tired of the plethora of d&d 3.5, and 5e which Ive also played. I want some science fiction now.



I was thinking that FAE would be perfect for Star Trek.

I tried it once, running a multi GM game in ST. Failed miserably.

Lots of people have a LOT of sacred cows when it comes to ST.

Plus, some other mistakes, but the sacred cows caused more grief than anything else.

a LUG game with a narrative style seems to work well. And Yes, there is a load of info out for that game.

I might be able to play a LUG game, if I can remember the character creation rules, but if I were to be one of several GMs it would have to be a Star Trek Adventures game.

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