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Get the Switch for the new Pokemon games coming out. Since Nintendo isn't releasing it on 3DS anymore, I think they will eventually stop making the 3DS. Pokemon was one of the only games keeping it alive.

I totally bought my Switch for Let's Go Eevee. I'm still debating on whether I want to get the new version with Sword Mouth Lycanroc or Shield Face Lycanroc.

Out of curiosity, does anyone play the online TCG?

I've been playing a decent amount lately. My Gardevoir deck has been very effective and I'm working on a few Eevee decks. My Ultra Beast deck is okay but could use some work.

Originally Posted by SMARTAgentKC View Post
I have played it, but recently things have been too chaotic in real life to really play it
Let me know if you decide to try again. I'll try not to destroy you too badly.

funny thing is I'm having some issues with trying to update the program first it wouldn't connect to the server now it's not even installing properly. I went through their full uninstall of things and even cleared out the app data.

I'll see if I can restart my system and go from there

I'm hoping that I can get a Switch soon. Let's go Eevee sounds so fun. It does seem like the 3ds is ded though. Kind of sad! I liked the little portable!!


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