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Disney Coming Soon

Disney Coming Soon

Disney streaming service coming November 12, 2019.

Has anyone else read these articles? What are your thoughts? What shows, if any, are you looking forward to? Netflix stock price dropped and the Disney, money making machine, went up.



While I'm interested in a few of the potential Disney service exclusive shows, I'm not rushing to drop into another streaming service. Though around the time this drops, my cable contract is also going to be expiring. I've been planning on dropping cable for awhile. That aside, I'm hoping for some Hulu/Disney+ streaming bundle to be announced.

We are streaming TV entirely now. Mediacom hiked the monthly rate $40 on us. Priced themselves out of the game. It will be interesting to see what gets added to the Disney streaming line up between now and November.

I had little interest in this until I heard the rumor that Disney might bring the app to Nintendo Switch.

They mention that they are going to have a bundle deal with Hulu...well since I already use Hulu...I might just add the disney bundle, if it is a cheap enough price.

Putting this in the same box with DC Nation or whatever the DC comics streaming service was called, and CBS All Access. Not willing to support the model. I have other things I need to spend money on besides a whack-a-mole game of streaming services with separate niches.

NF has been loosing too many of their shows and movies as everyone tries to haul away their own streaming services. I've been tempted to just stop bothering with all streaming.
The Disney/Fox merger does not bode well.

I'm really torn. We're big Netflix users and watch a lot of Disney content there. Of course, just as Disney is breaking away, Netflix is jacking their price up. Not sure which one to go with, and pretty sure it's not worth both. I may just give up streaming altogether.

You could always just alternate services. It's not like cable or anything where you have to sign two-year contracts. Binge a bunch of stuff for two months, drop it, binge another service for two months, drop it, pick back up the other again. Rinse, Repeat.


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