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Make that 1,000% official.
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I ran a few different decks in this brawl, just trying to experiment with fun ideas. Most effective was Mill Druid with Naturalize and... ferocious howl? Whatever card it is that allows you to draw 1 and gain armor for every card in your hand. Obvious weakness is if they have no minions, my naturalizes are worthless, but was fun for a couple games.

Most fun, though, was Chameleos Thoughtsteal Priest. Don't get me wrong, it's not very effective at all, but oh boy was it fun, especially against Hallucinate Rogues haha.

Originally Posted by Witchslasher View Post
I gotta outta brawl this week with Mill Druid: Naturalize + Forest Guide
Nice. Using it to knock out a 20 druid class cards quest.

Beware those Forest Guides. I can't think of a scarier 1,6 card. Well, maybe some Poison ones. But even in Standard with no Coldlight Oracles - those get a strong reaction. And I'm sure even more so in Wild with more Mill options / decks.

All good whoever may disagree to whatever extent. Just what I posted at playhearthstone Play Mode forum. After losing to shudderwok when I had a board of elementals, armor, full health. And had nearly killed off the Shaman.


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