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The Raggedy Edge - Lookin' for Crew

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The Raggedy Edge - Lookin' for Crew

The Raggedy Edge: A Firefly Riff - Forum

Here's how it is...

About a year ago, some bitter old browncoat by the name of Malcolm Reynolds went and woke the dragon. Folks came to call this little turn of events the Miranda Broadcast, which laid bare the dirtiest of the Allianceís dirty secrets: the experiments they were conducting on their own people, experiments that led to the creation of the reavers. Whether you consider him a hero or an outlaw probably depends on which side of the law you stand on. Regardless, this made the Alliance mad as hornets, and they came down hard, not just on Reynolds, but on all sort of naughty folk who slip about on the fringes of the Verse.

Folk such as yourself.

Not long after, you were caught in an Alliance net. It donít much matter what the charge was, whether you were guilty as charged or innocent as a dove, the result was the same. You were charged and sentenced to five years hard labor. You ended up on a cold black rock the people who came before you called Sycorax.

The hours are long, the conditions are terrible, and the work is brutal, but thatís the least of your worries. Folk die on Sycorax with depressing regularity. And it ainít just the conditions or the labor that kills, itís the sickness. Spend too much time on Sycorax, and you start having nightmares. Once the nightmares set in, itís only a matter of time for the ol' grim reaper comes a callin'. The only cure is to get off this rock, but you ainít gettiní off anytime soon, are you?

Average life expectancy for the prisoners on Sycorax is six months. Youíve been there eight. Two nights ago, the nightmares started.

About me...
Name's Oz. As in, honest to god real life name. I'm the GM of this tale. If you hadn't notice by the lack of pictures or fancy script, I'm something of a minimalist. Sometimes, you get a bold or even a strikethrough. Exciting times, those.

I have a lot of experience GMing, practically zero with Cortex+, so this will be a learning experience for all of us. What I bring to the table is a love of collaborative storytelling and a fondness for the setting. What I leave behind is ego and elitism.

About you...
There are two things I need from you above all else: commitment and a willingness to work with others. This isn't about you. Or me. It's about the fiction. Bad things may happen to your character. If you have had a problem with that in the past, think carefully before applying.

Think about the next few months of your life. Are there any big changes on the horizon? A new job? A new relationship? A move? School? Real life always comes first, as it should. Do you see yourself dropping in a couple of months? Please do your fellow writers a favor and take a pass.

Still with me? Good.

Is there anything else? Probably. We'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Oh, unfamiliarity with the rules and/or setting. We should probably touch on that. Don't let either keep you from applying if you meet the above qualifiers. If you haven't, you really should watch the show. It's very good. If you're not familiar with the rules, don't let that stop you--it hasn't stopped me.

About this here game...
As I mentioned earlier, this yarn is powered by Cortex+, specifically, the Firefly core rulebook. Not Serenity. If you don't have a copy, you can pick one up on your online store of choice. If you don't have much experience, apply anyway, as I said above.

Storywise, this takes place in 2519, or eight years after the end of the Independence War (or Unification War, if you're a purplebelly). All the events of the series and movie are canon. If we move beyond the initial episode (Escape from Sycorax), we will transition to a more familiar episodic style, with the major plot arc being the fallout of the Miranda Event.

Character Concepts

I am looking for standard crew. Your character should have a bone to pick with the Alliance, if for no other reason than they stuck you on some godforsaken rock to die. Someone will need to play the Captain. Don't let it go to your head.

Given the harshness of the opening episode, I don't see a place for Companions or other soft-hand types, but if you're feeling frisky pitch me a concept. The only hard pass is Readers, or River Tam types, for two reasons. One, the concept doesn't mesh well in a group setting. The everything-you-can-do-I-can-do-better vibe is toxic. Two, anyone with those abilities who got picked up by the Alliance wouldn't have ended up on this rock but some other, and thus would not be a part of this tale. Dong le ma?

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Instead of starting with a character concept, let's do a questionnaire. Players will not be selected on a first-come, first-serve basis. What I am looking for is eagerness and commitment. Which means that if there are two players I like who share the same role, I'm going to ask them to work it out. It's about the fiction, remember?

So, fill out the questionnaire. Tell me what you want to see. Tell me what you're excited about. If you have any comments, clarifications or questions, please feel free to post them below.

Please feel free to refer to the firefly wiki or other reference of your choice.

What is your experience with the firefly setting?

What is your experience with Cortex+?
  • Would you be willing to help adjucate rules questions?


The current year is 2519.

In 2506, the Unification War began.
  • How old was YC (your character) at the outbreak of the war?
  • Did they live in the Core worlds? The Border? The Rim?
  • What planet, moon or skyplex did they live on?
  • What did YC do prior to the war?
  • What was YCís opinion of the war when it began?

2506-2511, the war years
  • How did the war change their life?
  • Were they a direct participant? If so, on which side? What role did they play?
  • What enemies/allies did YC make during this time?
  • No one survives a conflict of this magnitude unscathed. Name one regret from the war.
  • Name one closely guarded secret related to the war.
  • Name one thing/person YC lost as a result of the war.

2511 to 2518, post-war period
  • How was YCís opinion of the War affected by the grim reality of the conflict?
  • How did this change their opinion of the Alliance/Resistance?
  • Eight years have passed since the end of the war. What has YC been up to?
  • How have their experiences up to this point prepared YC for their role on the ship?
  • Describe one ally YC has gained during this time.
  • Describe one enemy YC has made during this time.

2519, current time
Eight months ago, YC was caught in an Alliance net and sentenced to five years hard labor. Since then, they have been on the remote asteroid Sycorax, where they have lived and worked, mining the asteroidís rich interior for rare metals. As a result of the harsh conditions on the asteroid, they are slowly dying and quite possibly going insane.
  • Right or wrong, what led to YCís imprisonment at the hands of the Alliance?
  • Something beyond the desire to survive drives YC to escape. What is it?

Note: Feel free to Private Text anything you feel other characters/players should not know.

Game Description:

Put this crew together with the promise of work, which the Alliance makes harder every year. Come a day there wonít be room for naughty men like us to slip about at all. This job goes south, there well may not be another. So here is us, on the raggedy edge. Don't push me, and I won't push you. Dong le ma? - Malcolm Reynolds

@ozmandius where do we sit on the timeline for the bombing of Shadow?

*grin* What you're seeing there is one draft, written in order from top to bottom. Or, in other words, her past as a child partisan was made up on the line I first wrote it in, which is why it doesn't show up in the answers before that point. I'll bring the other answers into line tonight.

@ozmandius Think I've got the Q&A (and that other thing...) done. Again, let me know if you need anything more or need me to change something.

Originally Posted by thesloth View Post
@ozmandius where do we sit on the timeline for the bombing of Shadow?
The razing of Shadow was supposed to break the will of the Independents, a move that backfired, steeling the resolve of the movement instead.

Let's put it early in the war, say, 2507, before the other major engagements. Sound good?

Yeah. I'll adjust. Thx.

@ozmandius I have edited my original post with a character name, the timeline corrections, and fleshed out some of the motivations and experiences that were touched on.


As of now, we have at least seven people interested in a five player game, with perhaps more submitting apps soon. This means I can't help but disappoint at least two people, and for that I apologize.

What's next?

In the next week or so I'm going to make some difficult decisions and then start inviting people to the game. Everyone who has posted an app will be notified one way or the other. I won't leave you hanging.

Once invitations have been sent, I will set up a couple of threads. One will be a home for your character. Those with more experience will be expected to help out those with less experience. This will expedite the process for everyone. We'll open a discussion forum so that we can toss ideas around, but one of the first discussions will be what roles you are going to play.

That's right. I'm choosing players, not roles. That means you might need to adjust your character if you want a place at the table.

Firefly breaks down much like D&D, except that instead of fighter/wizard/cleric/rogue, it's captain/mechanic/pilot/gunhand. Of course, there is room for creativity, but the core concept of the setting requires certain roles. There is a ship, someone will need to pilot it; there are enemies, someone will need to shoot them, and so on.

So, which is more important to you? Your character concept, Or the game itself? How flexible do you honestly think you will be? Yes, the answer to this question will at least partially inform my decision, but, if we are being honest, this will avoid trouble further down the road, and save all of us some precious gaming time.

Think about it, and PM me or reply on this thread using private tags.

If anyone has any questions that I've missed, please PM me. I look forward to hearing from you all.

I'm still waiting on that app. Time's running out my friend.

Ok I'm going to throw my hat in here.

Throwing an application in because this looks worth risking a little disappointment for.

What is your experience with the firefly setting?
I own the series and Serenity on DVD, and have read most of the comics. I've also played in two campaigns using the Serenity ruleset, although that was IRL rather than PbP.

What is your experience with Cortex+?
I've had the rulebook PDFs for a bit now, but never really got a game going using them. On the other hand, I have read over the rules and fiddled with chargen a whole bunch.
  • Would you be willing to help adjucate rules questions?
    Sure, although my system knowledge may be a bit patchy - rulesets don't often entirely click with me until I've played them a little.


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