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Join the Habitation Mission

Setting Suns - Forum
Stars Without Number

Hello everyone, and welcome to Setting Suns, a Stars Without Number cosmic horror adventure!

This game isn't in the SWN default setting. To familiarize yourself with some of the changes, checking out the Setting Thread here.

Please note that while I use the words "Cosmic horror," this does not mean magic or Cthulhu are real. They are not. Your characters are, however, mortal. As such, everyone should prep both a "first" character and a "back up" character. That will be explained later in the 'How to apply" section below.

Your characters will be members of Recon Team Alpha, the team assigned to finding a new home in the system you've arrived in. Keep this in mind while making your characters.

How To Apply
Your character application should have a total of three posts. The first two posts should contain character sheets for your characters: Post one for your "Main" character, and post two for your "backup" character.
The third post should contain all the rolls used to make those characters.

Main things to keep in mind: FTL does not exist in this setting, at least not yet. Otherwise, follow all character creation rules noted here.

What Am I Looking For?
Consistent posting: Not necessarily every day, but consistent. Don't just disappear for three weeks without a word explaining "why."
Imaginative, Proactive Players: I don't want characters that aren't engaged in their mission. You have a mission, you have a reason to complete that mission. No grizzled loners, please.
People who play well with others: No getting grumpy because the GM says your violet-eyed half-alien demigod has no place in the setting. I'm open to all sorts of interesting ideas, but if I say "no," then just accept it and move on. Similarly, if another players says "no, I'd really rather Jimbob Jones not fall in love with my characters," please respect those boundaries. We're all here to have fun, let's create an environment where we can do that.

When are applications due?
Some time towards the end of April. No specific date, because I don't have one, but I'm heading into a super busy season now--which will abruptly clear up at the end of April, making it a perfect time for me to get a game rolling.

Game Description:

A massive, circular ring heaves into the light of a dim red-dwarf, a large spoked-spike emerging from the middle. a several rocky planets drifting through space nearby. The ship is dark... for a moment. Then the spike splits open into four quarters, lights flashing on as the cryoship Hab Century groans to life after nearly 2000 years of travel across the vast gulfs between stars. VIs busy themselves awakening the first souls from cold-sleep, cleaning the settled dust and ensuring that life-support is back online.

That's when you wake up. There's a sudden jolt through your body, your eyes flashing open, burned by the bright light. A scream and a gasp escape your lips as your pod opens. You're greeted by a plastic, artificial smile. Good morning, Colonist! Welcome to System NK-428, your new home! Please, let us get you a drink. Orientation will begin after your physical."

Elsewhere, something crawls through the void, lit by no sun. A dark moon, inching its way towards a distant red dwarf. A moonlet, invisible in the black void. On it's surface, something moves.

"Fantasy is not divorced from our world. It's a lens through which we explore it." Rhianna Pratchett

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No. You can roll two arrays and take the better, or you can do the default array. In either case, you get to move your scores around (which is not how the rules normally allow, so I am being merciful!)

Hey everyone! We have some great applicants so far, and I"m excited to see what else you all can cook up!

Which edition of SWN will you use? The existing applications look like revised edition to me, am I correct?

Alright, folks! I'm going to close off submissions this upcoming monday. That gives you a few days to get an application in if you're still interested!

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