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Chapter 6d - Worlds within Worlds

"Excellent!" Gillaume explains, then pauses for a moment as if thinking of something. Shrugging, he nods to Garak and then moves over from out behind the counter, heading towards Willow.

"Interested in that?" he asks, stepping up fluidly and pulling the brazier off the wall. "It's a rather unusual item, but you might find some use for it," Gillaume adds, turning it over in his hands.
"It can be used to hold a normal flame, as expected, but you can also call forth the shadows it conjures for your own use," he says, and as you look closer the shadows cast upon the wall seem to dance and twirl, and seem to beckon you to join them.

Willow Ardent
Willow shivers, "Oh... no thank you. I have had enough of shadows... I almost turned into one, I was on the plane so long... But if you have a robe of mysterious conjuration I might be interested in putting it aside on layaway."


6'2" Half Orc with yellow eyes and coarse brown hair.

A hulking brute you would expect bred for war with a large muscled frame and scars that hint of a violent past. Zeek's armor is a dull adamantine banded armor with a large dark baneite cloak over his shoulders. Encased in admantium up to his battle gauntlets and down to the hardy leather boots he wears. His Greatsword is old from the well worn hilt and dark petina within it's engravings, the metal too is undoubtedly adamantium as it's dull sheen matches his armor and a single blood red crystal resides in the center of the base of the blade.

Zeek bears no insignia or markings of allegiance upon his armor, it is plain and not overly polished leaving the appearance of many battle scratches across it's surface. For those who are familiar, Zeek's battledress could easily pass for one belonging to the Black Army.... minus any markings of the Zhentarim.


Zeek remained outside the strange wizard shop and took up a defensive position with his arms folded as he *peered* around at the strange warriors in heavy robes without weapons along the street.

What kind of strange Wizard town is this... Zeek thinks as a scowl begins to form mirroring his disposition.

The Kensai was beginning to get a bad feeling about this place.

Meredith looks around the store with muted curiosity, paying little heed to the strange interaction between Willow and
Did Garak ever actually introduce himself, by the way? Actually, for that matter, did we?
Garak. Nor does she have any real interest in making a purchase, though the shop seems to hold enough curiosities to draw the attention.

"I believe we have a mutual friend, Master Gillaume?" she says idly, glancing at the proprietor.

"Indeed we do," Gillaume replies, smiling broadly at Meredith. "Garak was a frequent customer of my shop in days past, though these days I'm not here as often as I used to be," he adds with a mischievous look.

"That sort of robe, unfortunately, isn't one that I possess," Gillaume continues, turning his attention to Willow and shaking his head. "It's not quite the sort of thing I could expect to sell around here, as I'm sure you can see..."

"So it would appear," Meredith agrees. "But actually I was speaking of someone else. Do you know a young woman named Ara, perchance? She recommended you quite highly."

"I do," Gillaume replies, "She works with some folks I've had dealings with in the past, and Ara has helped me with a task or two in the past as well."
"In fact, its no coincidence that she directed you here - a favor of sorts is being called in, and I'm to teleport several of you to Saerloon on the morrow."
Gillaume states.

We will actually be doing the thing we've been talking about doing, in an upcoming new thread this week

Willow Ardent
Willow nods, "I see, that is good to know, so you are a mage as well as a magic shopkeeper, or is the teleport to be by some item?" She looks interested.

Lady Cordelia Brightheart

"An accord of convenience, I dare say," Cordi says with a bit of a self-depricating laugh, "We found ourselves heading to the same hell," she says, referring to the temple they previously left. "I thought that temple carried a treasure that might help me. I believe they were using it to travel between temples, which would have helped me get home. I can only assume they brought it with them."

Character Block
Rage used
Rage: 1/2
Essentia Invested
Essentia: 5/5
Totems (Bound): Girallon Arms (Totem Bound), Totem Avatar, Urskan Greaves (Feet Bound), Wormtail Belt

"I am, indeed, a mage," Gillaume responds, "though at the moment most of my works are political in nature, rather than arcane," he adds, with an odd twinge of an emotion, perhaps wistfulness.

"That said, I can see that your time here is short and your task important, or else Ara would not have contacted me thusly, so I will leave you be."
"Do come back when you return though,"
he says, "especially if you find anything particularly valuable or noteworthy - I do love interesting items!"


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