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Player Input

hostages again?

I would suggest the cliché of retrieving a ancient relic that will help in the fight against the gods from an long forgotten castle on an island in the middle of the stormy sea

throw in an airship and I am happy :P

ok...instead of a hostage, we are tasked by the Order to retrieve one of their leaders along with the artifact...via our airship.

What about a princess? lol

Only to find a short guy with a big polka dots hat giving us the finger with both hands that tells us that the princess is in another dungeon.

uhhh and shoot eggs we create by eating mushroom men? While carrying a baby that floats away inside a bubble every time we get hit which we must recover within 10 seconds or loose the game?

coming to think of it

Joachim is half way ... he has a pegasus (which lays eggs and can eat mushrooms)


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