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Requesting other user input

Requesting other user input

Okay so here's my idea that my DM promptly banned despite having previously said "All 3.5 material, and material from Dragon Magazine, is open and legal."

My DM allows flaws, he likes the additional flavor and ability to f*ck with the players.

I decided to play a warforged fighter, but I redid some feats after looking into prestige classes and Dragon Magazine.

The Troll-Blooded Feat, from Dragon Magazine #319, grants Regeneration 1. The catch is, it requires the Toughness feat, but must also be taken at level 1. Because of this, it was meant to be a human / that halfling-variant only feat. With flaws, I was able to take it, so I did. A typical downside to taking T-B on a fighter is it Fatigues you in sunlight... but Warforged are immune to Fatigue.

Now, Wizards of the Coast already thought of Regenerating Warforged, so they explicitly put in the text of the Improved Resiliency feat a clause that says you're not allowed to benefit from Fast Healing or Regeneration from ANY MEANS.... however.....

Warforged Juggernaut (PrC) level 2 Bonus does NOT include this clause.

So by level 7, I have made a character with a lengthy list of immunities, one of which being Non-Fire, Non-Acid damage. Best way to overcome those anyone? Looking mainly for items, or maybe class abilities with less than 4 or 5 levels sunk to get it, that way my DM can't remove the item from me and send us against a Red or Green dragon.

I'm currently working on making him as unkillable as possible. I've taken a feat that makes me not automatically fail Fort saves on a Nat 1, and I'm trying to fill in the list of special immunities NOT covered by Warforged racials that come up frequently in Rocket-Tag... as I suspect our DM will be turning us against each other rather soon, and the pyromaniac Red Wizard troubles me.

Thoughts? Suggestions? I thought it was a rather clever work-around. My DM doesn't seem to want to let me see this through without someone from the community agreeing... as he says a "Troll-Blooded Warforged" seems "ridiculous" [despite the fact that we have a Werebear Beguiler].... and yet I met all the requirements and the feat does not explicitly state it is for Humans only.

I can see his point, as troll-blooded would be a 'natural' ability, possessed by flesh/living plant creatures. Warforged are created of metal, which has no cellular structure to produce the process of regeneration. Even in the case of, say, a darkwood warforged, the wood is no longer alive so there are no living cells to reproduce.

On top of that, the Troll Blood feat would require that your character has a blood-flow. another feature that the warforged does not possess

While I troll-blooded warforged does sound strange, this is DnD, so anything is possible. Besides, inevitables are also constructs with fast healing. One way to see it is nanobots continuously repairing damage or just a continuous mending effect. Refluffing the feat is all it takes.

That said: I can perfectly understand a DM saying no, especially since it comes from dragon magazine. Then again, regeneration 1 isn't particularly useful during combat. It only matters in a game where out of combat healing resources are deliberately limited.

I agree with Bbender on this one: it's DnD. By the wording, 'troll-blooded' does imply you're a relative of a troll, but it's perfectly plausible whoever made this particular warforged first soaked the wood in troll blood from one full moon to another or something like that, or that it has a reservoir of troll blood with a system that injects the stuff into wounded areas, for instance.

I think your DM will just be trying to kill you then. And he will succeed if he is any good. Dont break the game.

Originally Posted by DuncanVicente View Post
I think your DM will just be trying to kill you then. And he will succeed if he is any good. Dont break the game.
Then it's a really bad DM. If he doesn't like it, he shouldn't allow it; if he allows it, he should support it. Regeneration 1 is really not breaking the game in my experience.

He DIDN'T allow it. It's the sign of a bad *player* to try and pull shenanigans to get it.

The better alternative would be to drop warforged for something, y'know, organic.

Originally Posted by TanaNari View Post
He DIDN'T allow it. It's the sign of a bad *player* to try and pull shenanigans to get it.

The better alternative would be to drop warforged for something, y'know, organic.
Why? A warforged could be made from organic materials, and it's all fluff anyway.

Either the DM doesn't allow it because he doesn't like the mechanics and be done with it, or he could work with the player to find a fluff explanation for the mechanics they can both support. A third option is that he doesn't want to bother with the additional work and time this will require, which is also a perfectly legitimate reason to deny it.

Yah, as a DM / GM myself ... My players know that NO means NO !!!

I wouldn't allow it in my game and my policy is "Play what you want within the rules, but beware of the consequences of what you do ...", and, if I've veto'd it, that is it - NO, NADA, not on your life

As a player who is lucky enough to have a DM who allows you to push the boundaries, you should also respect when he has says NO ... it's that simple.

I must agree that if you could come up with a decent
whether magic wood like Ikul said, or some kind of enchantment at the time of creation
reason for the ability there's no reason to stop it. It just means that your DM will need to come up with decent ways to challenge you. But as with everything, if your DM will not allow it than leave the build on the backburner, and use it some time you've got a more lax DM.


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