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Chapter 6 - South to Saerloon

Well, Khel. My darling master. . . I do know some magic, but not from a wizards design. Mine are more spells of the heart and soul. But to most people they would look no different I suppose. It could not hurt to learn a little of the wizards way after all. I know how to kill a man with only my hands, I know how to heal another or put suffering upon others through my hearts magic, but pure, unbridled magic, I know none. Tamia replies to the gnome known as Khel. She thought he was a funny character, but still he was. . . gentlemanly enough for her. What are you thinking, you fool. . . She berated herself, trying to convince herself that she had no desires to bed any of these people. Khel might at least provide a slight variation to the whole "protect my friends" order from my father. She smiled at this thought, almost wistfully.

Tamia had seen enough magic in her time to know that she was not going to become a world shattering mage, but her words were true. Maybe something useful could be learned from Khel. Or at least she hoped she could learn something of use. . . Otherwise, her time with him would be a waste.


As the pairs separate off in their own little groups, each with a particular task or assignment, the small city of Saerb fades out of sight far behind you, while the large town of Mulhessen grows in size up ahead...

Chapter 6b - Mulhessen

Moving to a new thread for Mulhessen, we will return here once the party leaves the city...


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