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When posting loot in this thread, copy the last post, then repost it in your post and add any new items. That way, the last post in this thread is always a total of everything that we have.

Also, please note next to each item whomever is holding a particular item.



TOTAL: 837,577 gp

From this total, I deducted 20 gp from each person's share for the cost of renting the wagon from Elmer.

  • Rope of Climbing - 3,000gp
  • Baron's Diary - locked book - MAGIC
  • Unknown Spellbook (large brown tome found on Zetroc's bookshelf)
  • Zetroc's Spellbook
  • Zetroc's keychain - MAGIC

BOTH spellbooks were sold for a total of 6,000gp EACH. This 6,000gp is NOT included with your total gold below. It is an ADDITIONAL amount.

Items Taken: 17,500 gp
  • Studded Leather Armor +3 (9,200gp)
  • Short Sword +2 (8,300gp)

Remaining individual share: 150,015.4 gp

Items Taken: 26,400 gp
+1 Unholy Dagger of Cyric (18,000gp)
Longsword +2 (8,400gp)

Remaining individual share: 141,115.4 gp

Items Taken: 8,000 gp
  • Ring of Mind Shielding (8,000gp)

Remaining individual share: 159,515.4 gp

Items Taken: 5,000 gp
  • Gauntlets of Ogre Power (4,000gp)
  • Cloak of Resistance +1 (1,000gp)

Remaining individual share: 162,515.4 gp

Items Taken: 10,000 gp
  • Long Spear +1 (2,000gp)
  • Keen Longsword +1 (8,000gp)

Remaining individual share: 157,515.4 gp

Post-Battle Loot

If you'd like to make checks to find out more about the items, such as Appraise, Spellcraft, Knowledge, etc, please use the Dice Rolling thread linked below
DM Info

Dice Rolls, etc

I hope I summed things up, I leave price check up and magical auras for until we know more Also once I we know more I will order things like before in groups

Loot from battle at the gates

Ogre Mage:
  • Composite Longbow
  • Greatsword +1
  • Chainmail
  • Cloak
  • Ring of Protection +1
  • 200 PP

Ogre chanter:
  • Hide Armor of extremely high quality
  • bevy of charms and holy symbols (predominantly one of a maimed eye emblazoned upon a chain around his neck)
  • eyepatch
  • Ring of Protection +1
  • 200 PP

Ogre warriors:
  • 3xHide armor
  • 3x Greatclub +1
  • 3x Javelins (damaged)
  • 3x Rings of Protection +1
  • 600 GP

  • 4x Studded Leather armor (slightly damaged)
  • 3x small steel shields
  • 3x Morningclubs
  • shortsword
  • Composite Shortbow
  • 80 SP

  • 4x MW Studded Leather Armor
  • 4x MW Steel shield
  • 4x MW Longsword
  • 4x MW Short Spears
  • 200 GP

  • 5x Scale Mail armor
  • 3x Greataxes
  • 2x Falchions
  • 4x Javelins
  • 125 GP

Party Loot from Temple

Initial Fight against three guards within the first temple hallway - Joachim and Garak
  • 3 Bastard Swords +1
  • 3 MW Longbows
  • 3 Full Plate Armor +1
  • 40 Gold - already distributed to Joachim and Garak - 20gp each
  • 2x Potion of Cure Light Wounds - Garak and Joachim each took one

Party Treasure

First treasure chest room with four guards
  • 200 gold - from guards - already shared 50gp per party member
  • 2,000 gold - from chest - already shared 500gp per party member
  • 4 Bastard Swords +1 - left in chest room to pick up later
  • 4 MW Longbows - left in chest room to pick up later
  • 4 Full Plate Armor +1 - left in chest room to pick up later
  • 4x Potion of Cure Light Wounds - each party member takes one
  • Silver dagger - clean and blemish free - most likely ceremonial in nature - thin razor-sharp blade - pommel is inlaid with a large sapphire - has a slight evocation aura - carried by ???
  • Odd-looking bracelet - encrusted with small pink diamonds but sized too big to be worn around the wrist - certainly magical but does not appear to have any particular type of aura - carried by ???
  • Bulbous, deformed, ugly-looking wand - possessed of a transmutational enchantment - it looks oddly familiar (had attached picture of Raz) - carried by ???

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