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People and Places

People, Places, and Plot

Let's use this thread to start keeping track of all the people and places we've been. So far, we have a ton of contacts, and as we dig deeper into this situation, it's going to only get worse. This thread will allow us to keep a record of it all so we can keep names and places straight.

I will maintain the current list as the first post to this thread so it will be easy to find. To make a new entry, just post to this thread. I'll copy your information and add it to the list.

I have three categories below: people, places, plot.

We can now keep track of everything from who we meet, places we have been or need to visit, and notes about the plot as it unfolds.



Hlaungadath - Original point of introduction to the Order

Saerloon - a port town south of the River Archen. Bane's emmissaries have taken up in the Eastern half of the city, slowly expanding their reach through extortion and violence. Interestingly, a small sect of Lathander has popped up to oppose the Banites, but it is entirely too weak to repel them from the city.


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