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Night Angels: From the Ashes

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Night Angels: From the Ashes

Night Angels: From the Ashes - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e

I had an idea whilst discussing one of my favorite series for a game. As I am wont to do, I've embroidered on it a bit, and now I just need some players to give it that spark of life.

Warning: This game is going to be dangerous in the extreme. I don't DM with gloves on ever, and this world is a dangerous one. If you are faint of heart, this might not be the game for you.

[fieldset= Character Generation]Level: 8th (27,000 xp)
Stats: 36 Point Buy
Health: Max until 8th, rolled thereafter.
Wealth: 27000 gp
Flaws/Traits: No
Feats: 1 bonus feat at first level.
Races: You must ask, and provide reasoning, for any non-human race. Midcyru is a human society.
Alignment: Trustworthy. The High King has put his trust in you. He wouldn't trust someone obviously Evil.

Class Options: Tome of Battle
Favored Soul
Spirit Shaman

Game Description:

The events of the Night Angel trilogy took place over sixty years ago. A new High King, Brandon Gyre, grandson of Logan Gyre, was crowned earlier this year. The past few decades have been prosperous ones. However, recent events have the new king worried for his people. He has gathered a small group of elite people to combat these threats. Will they succeed?

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This looks very interesting. I have a few concepts in mind already, I just need to narrow them down a little. At the moment I'm learning towards a classic movie-style swashbuckler, I think. :D

That said, I was looking through your house rules and I was confused by the Armor DR rules you cited. Do I have a complete misunderstanding of how these rules work, or are things kind of backwards as far as protection goes? Leather armor is invulnerable to any means of getting around the DR. Chain armor is negated by piercing weapons, and Plate armor is negated by both piercing and bludgeoning weapons. What's even more confusing is that if Leather armor is magical, it almost flip-flops and becomes the worse of the armors (going from invulnerable to being vulnerable to any type of magical weapon, whereas weapons need to be both magical and piercing to get past Chain).

That just seems kind of strange to me. Could you clarify that a bit more, please? :) I've always had a hard time understanding those rules anyway, so I have little doubt I'm misunderstanding something here.

Bit surprised nobody's jumped on this yet. I just finished book 1 and I find this idea interesting. I've got an idea, Ill mull it over for a bit, not sure if it's better handled as a swordsage or rogue/swashbuckler (can't decide if he needs to be Talented or not). Maybe multiclass both. Or I might just dump it for crazy archer action with a ranger/scout.

Yeah, I missed that. Looks like your interpretation is correct, but I'd bet that's not how it was intended to work.

Prestige classes are fine, if from the allowed sources.

The Leather thing was unintentional. Magic Leather is still DR/-, Plate and chains have a higher DR than leather types, by virtue of being higher AC value normally.

I was always interested in trying to run this kinda game, if you hadn't already looked at them then Psychoactive Skins work really well as Ka'kari =]

Interested in a Rogue/Swashbuckler, are we okay to take some creative license with the progression of the story or do you have some things set in mind? I was thinking a character born into the ranks of the Society of the Second Dawn who has a magic item that grants him the ability to see the coranti (the unclean, the evil) and who kills those 'lesser' evils that essentially leaving the Night Angel to hunt down the big guys. Question, if I take a prestige class (probably the Avenger, essentially the Assassin but not Evil in alignment) I assume it'll take up both of the progressions (i.e. I get to sixth level and decide to take two levels in Avenger, I'd be a Rogue 6//Swashbuckler 6 Avenger 2 not a Rogue 6/Avenger 2//Swashbuckler 6)?

Um... posting interest for a Ranger/Scout going into the Dervish prestige class, though will the fact I never read the books be a big issue?

Interesting. I am completely unfamiliar with the series, though.

Would reading the wiki be enough?

So, wait, this is a L8 Gestalt game? Cool. I'm completely unfamiliar with the setting, though - is that the reason for the restrictions on playable classes?

EDIT: I read that again - everyone is gestalted with Rogue, Fighter or Ranger?
EDIT: Sorry, you have Rogue|Swashbuckler, Fighter|Knight and Ranger|Scout as gestalt options, nothing else? Got it.


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