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Requesting other user input

Most GMs are both unable or unwilling to be truly fair and incapable in general of being creative enough to thrive in the presence of someone who is actually truly creative. So if you are fair minded and want some sort of fluff or nonsense level parity with your werebear beguiler rival/friend then it's likely you are out of luck. Further, it seems clear that the GM can't stand on his own two feet and rule but instead needs the outside approval of viable 'accepted' sources to run his own game.

So you are in the wonderful position of being an ambitious creative person filled with envy at the luck some others have in playing their golly gee wow isn't that different characters while the resonating feat or widget you need to make yours work just so happens not to be mass produced by the greedy nerd press. In a word, you are doomed.

But take heart. You can do the clever thing. Move on. Find something you enjoy that your GM can wrap his head and heart around that exists in a paid for and thus rubber-stamped format. Trust me it'll be so much easier than frustratingly smashing your squared peg into a round hole.

Oh and as a parting shot, which is my forte, I'll say this: Defensor doesn't and shouldn't work as a concept. It's annoying and silly. There is no bravery without risk.

Further, if defensor is allowed the things that will hurt defensor will kill others. You force the GM to murder your rival/friends and you're really going to be Mr Popularity then, now aren't you?

Originally Posted by Dakien View Post
It just means that your DM will need to come up with decent ways to challenge you.
Rocks fall

If this is a gripe-fest, we're done here.

Well, it looks like I may have missed the boat on this one, but I do have some food for thought (no griping, I promise). I am not very well versed in the Warforged in 3.5, so correct me if I'm wrong here. One of the base rules is that everybody heals a point of damage per day. They also heal from chugging a potion. Lest I am mistaken a Warforged does heal naturally or via potions, so technically, despite being made of metal they do have some healing/regenerative capability. Unless of course they just never heal and in such case are worthless in combat. With that being said, I would have to say that they could take a feat similar to troll blood. You could swing it by saying that they have oil to grease their hinges and all. Maybe adding some troll blood to that oil has a magic effect that grants regeneration?

The other idea I had is that you can pull a Pinocchio and somehow become a real boy (maybe wish spell or Transmute Metal to Flesh from 2e. That might take some ingenuity on the part of the DM though.

In any case, I think that this is a matter of DM's decision since it seems like there might be some synergy here that could make a broken character. If it were me I would look at your stats and decide. If you have crap for CON I'd probably allow it, but if you had an 18 I'd probably say no way jose.

I think there is already a warforged PRC that focuses on turning them into a warforged looking creature of flesh and bone.

If not, then Dragon Mech has a PRC for its steamborgs that can probably be adapted.


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