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Chapter 6b - Mulhessen


It is mid-afternoon, around 1pm by the time everyone makes their way to Mulhessen's Gates...

[spoiler=Woodsman and Druidess[/spoiler]
Approaching the lumberjack, the shaman nods negatively at all the downed trees. So many damage... But then... Despite all the damages, cities also brought some goods to the forest around and this was a much needed "bad", specially when the forest began to overcrowd itself. Scratching his chin as if he was arguing with himself, he shrugs and only then acknowledges the other man.

Blessin' o'da day, mon. We be weary travellers and be passin' t'rough, but we dislike bein' inside dem walls. Dere be a place fer us to rest, eat and talk fer a few hours in dis fine place? He bows slightly and gives the man a disarming smile, almost being civilized, were it not for his wild aspect. Ghar'ra smells the air and gives the man a stare, but showing disinterest, it moves a bit away, checking the surroundings.


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