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Chapter 6c - The Temple of Lathander

Chapter 6c - The Temple of Lathander

The door slams in your face, pushing you into pitch black nothingness. A queer feeling overcomes you, but before you can process it a bright light flashes out of nowhere, nearly blinding you before you throw up your hands to block it out.

When you put them down, you are in a hallway...well, a corner of two hallways rather, solid stone walls around polished-stone floors.
Both extend a good bit outwards, and both look empty...

So it had been a trap. At least the assassin wasn't completely shocked by that fact. He was actually excited by it, as the cloaked man had earned himself a painful death which would expand the definition of torture in every possible way. But for now, Garak had to figure out how to wiggle out of this mess...

Garak's ears were kept sharp for any sign of something approaching, and his eyes quickly scanned the walls around him for a sign of how he had come to be where he was standing.

He then
casting shadow friend
spoke a few arcane words, and a little blob of darkness began to form into something of a roughly humaniod shape. Garak pointed in the direction of the south hallway, and the figure began to move in that direction. Meanwhile, the tiefling remained at his position, choosing to view the hallway and what waited at its end through the eyes of his creation.

Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 3 (Total = 15)

Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 7 (Total = 23)

You see no visible doors, windows, or other modes of entrance to where you are now. The immediate area itself is uninteresting, and you hear footsteps off in the distance, though you cannot pinpoint the location.

Conjuring a shadow, you direct it to move through the south corridor, and it does so quite easily. Noiselessly floating to the end of the hall, it stops just before hitting the wall, awaiting further instructions...

Unfortunately, the shade's rudimentary intelligence allows it to come right out in plain view of one of the Guards you saw earlier.
"Halt!" he shouts, even though the creature is obviously already halting.
"Who are you? What are you?"
"How did you get in here?"

Perfect. The guard would give Garak a perfect ability to make his way through the temple...but first, the man would have to release his grip on life...

Garak mentally ordered the shadow creature to make its way back
back towards Garak
up the hallway. Before the guard came into view, however, Garak
moving to the point two squares down and three from the top right corner on the map
moved to his side so the corner would give him complete cover from the guard's eyes.

He hoped that the guard would chase after the shadow being, and would easily become a victim to the ambush.

The shade turns and floats back towards Garak, stopping at the end of the hallway once again. The Guard runs to follow, only upon reaching it he is ambushed by the hidden Garak. The Assassin's stabs with a flurry of strikes, but fortunately only one
24 damage
Stumbling, the Guard hacks back angrily, one of his shots
10 damage
slashing your flank, although the attack puts him off-balance and he crashes back against the corner, smashing through the shadow.

Grimacing, holding one hand to his wound, he glares at you angrily, ready to move in once again...

When Joachim puts his hands down, he is in a hallway...well, a corner of two hallways rather, solid stone walls around polished-stone floors that extend for a good bit outwards.

In front of him, somehow, is Garak, and an odd shadowy mist floats around the Paladin's waist. Behind him, an angry Guard, bleeding from a deep wound and holding a blade to Joachim's back.

And off to your right, at the end of the long hallway, two Archers loosing arrows at you...

Joachim blinks twice. He had his blade drawn already, so there was no need to do that. His shield was swirling around him too, done. And he was god knows where. A blodied man behind him, he noted in the corner of his eyes, but paid no heed as of now. The shade around him bothered him somewhat, but not to much. Garak, well he had come in here for certain, so that wasn't the a surprise ether.

"Excuse me gentlemen, has anyone seen the stables?" Joachim asks smirking as he slid his leg ready for a turn and parry of the blade of the man behind him or the impact of arrows from the pair down the path.

Joachim was ready

In case the man next to him acted hostile he would simply strike him down and then charge the archers in case they decided to loose arrows at him.

Just as Garak prepares to lunge at the wounded guard to finish his work, Joachim appears out of nowhere. The assassin's blades stopped their forward movement, just in time to avoid hitting the paladin.

"Go after the archers! All in this place are corrupt!"

If he was able to without provoking an opportunity for his opponent to strike him in the process, Garak used Joachim's appearance as a chance to disengage from a direct fight, and moved so his body was just around the corner from the archers. Once safe, he touches the
casting darkness centered on himself
bracelet on his wrist and brings darkness to the area around his body.

If such a move was not possible, he instead continued his attack against the already wounded guard...
if possible while attacking
utilizing his innate ability to bring darkness to the corner of the hallway.

Joachim took Garak's words as they were, he would charge of against the archers. He was not a friend of Garak's, but they were a team and as such he had to work with him and trust his verdict of the situation, which Joachim did now know much about, yet. That and the detail they were in hostile territory to begin with.

Joachim ignores the man with the blade behind him and a possible oportunity he would have to strik at him and simply charges of towards the archers.

Just take my first roll of the previous set and add +2 for the charge. If Garak manages to cast darkness before Joachim can move he cannot charge, thus he will simply move out of darkness and towards the archers, no bonus and likely just a double move to reach them.

Also Garak I believe the darkness is a SU, so you ought not to be able to attack and cast it in the same round unless you have some sort of feat/item/other that lets you use it as a quick action.

Also I don't know how it works for you, but Joachim does have no means to see in darkness and even if he had darkvision the effect is magical and thus would grant no vision all the same.

Joachim's sudden appearance is cause for conversation, but it is quickly back to action as a pair of Guards, unseen and unheard by Garak, come out from the opposite hallway and fire a pair of arrows at him. One of the arrows misses, but the other
9 damage
bites savagely into his shoulder as he summons a ball of darkness and scurries away around the corner.

Though the Guard is wounded, his mind is fresh, and seeing another man appear with his back to him presents an easy target. Unfortunately, that man is also wearing layer upon layer of armor, and the attack glances off of the armor harmlessly as its wearer charges the two archers in the far hallway.
Undaunted, the Guard tries to strike at where Garak used to be, but as the Rogue has moved on his blade finds only air. As he pulls back angrily, he nearly slashes at yet another intruder, this time a large black dog!

Now a good distance from Garak, Joachim charges the Archers that surprised them,
11 damage
slashing the nearest one across the chest.

Garak, please roll Initiative (unless you did, and I missed it...)


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