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Chapter 6c - The Temple of Lathander

Lucifer ignored the Paladin and the Assassin as he moved to examine the pair of corpses that still had their heads. He then channeled the dark energies that flowed through him and placed his hands on each corpse, raising them under his control, and adding to his small menagerie of creatures. "Waste not, want not. There is still use left for these bodies, and everything we can toss at our enemies is of use to us."

Garak piles the corpses in the corner near the dead archers, adding one headless guard to the pair of bodies. Scrapping them of arms and armor, as well as any possessions of note, he places them on the damp bloody ground, spreading them out for all to see.

While Garak satisfies his need for gold, Lucifer satisfies his for control, raising two of the dead Guards as animated corpses, their eyes shining a dim rusty-red glow.

After a little while, are all assembled, the hallway packed with bodies human, animal, and zombie, the floor and walls still slick with drying blood. Lucifer's two freshly-awakened friends mill about in the corner, his entourage now nearly a half-dozen shambling corpses.

And as before, two doors, one directly in front and one back the other way...

So... Uh... Where are we really? This place just felt different. She looked around hoping to see anything to settle her nerves. She then realizes fully, that Garak and Joachim were there. Smiling she runs from her spot, closing some of the distance between them.

She calls out in broken
Are you both well? I regret not follow.
celestial She needs to get some time alone with Garak, she decided. Celestial was her heritage's language, and she desired to learn.

These dice sets were omitted or moved: 1d20

Garak shrugs at the questions of the woman. "Inside the temple until we find out differently." At her other question, the assassin looks at the paladin and then down at his own partially healed wound.

He then looks down the hall in both ways. "I'm about done here." He pushes
half will be given to Joachim---we can figure out the exact division if there are any items of particular interest to either of us
some of the loot towards the paladin. "That's your half, Joachim." It might have not been noticed by the paladin, but it was the first time the assassin had ever used the man's name.

Tamia explores the corridor, but finds it nothing more than blood-spattered stone. The doors stand closed, but no lock is visible on the outside, and the Guards carried no keys.

She has to take care to avoid stepping on the piles of arms and armor that Garak spread out upon the ground, swords and breastplates laid in neat little bloody piles.

The only other noise is the soft moaning of the animated corpses shambling about, occasionally grunting as they bump into a wall and head off the other way...

Loot post updated with the Guards' gear

Joachim shrugs, but stashes the gear he was being given. As things stood he would have some open accounts to settle and as things were he owed still some to Garak himself, but they could settle that later, this was not the place to bicker about such things and Joachim was fairly certain the assassin would make sure that their scores were settled.

The paladin looks blank eyed at Tamia's question in celestial and shows no reaction to what Garak had to answer. There was little to add for him.

Joachim lay his hands upon the wound he had received and it closed. His armor however did not recover and the few chain links that had ripped open with the strike underneath his armor would have to be mended if the Paladin wanted to keep his clean appearance of pure goodness.

Full health and 7HP LoH remaining

Tamia walked over to Joachim next. What was that, that hit you outside? I saw you stumble. She showed true concern, this was her father's most trusted. As a moral compass, Joachim was the best example.

I assume most of that blood isn't yours? She tried to joke with him, it was painfully obvious that she was trusted as far only out of respect to Tamrik. She wanted to change that.

While the group discusses their situation, some of the zombies begin to gnaw at the headless corpse still laying in the corner, tearing at its flesh and making unsettling noises...

I assume you guys will be picking a door soon, yes?

Lucifer looked at his quintet of zombies and sighed a bit. "Mindless things, at least they're obedient. You lot, cease your feasting and follow. This is no picnic. Prepare yourselves to fight on my command." He then gave the rest of the group a goofy smile and added for Garak and Joachim, "Please, lead the way. I'm sure we can find one more body to add to my collection to stand between us and out foes."

With the loot from their battle
I posted the items in the Loot thread. Whatever we pick up in this place will be written there.
squared away, the assassin stood and turned to Tamia. There was something that had just come to mind, and the assassin wanted to share some of his thoughts with the girl. "Do you still have that dagger your father gave you? I suspect it might be useful in this place."

He then looked down the hall in both directions. Nothing was known about either path. There was no sense in anybody risking running into a trap or the enemy when there were the zombies in the group that could absorb the pain for them. "Lucifer, can your pets open doors?"

If nobody had a preference for a direction, the assassin pointed down the hall
bottom right corner of the map---the direction from which the first guard had come
in the direction his shadow had previously gone "There is a door down the hall and around two corners. It was previously guarded by the one that lost his head."

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