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Chapter 6c - The Temple of Lathander

I do. You had told me to keep it, and I hadn't found a reason to sell it, since it was my father's. Tamia slowly draws the dagger from where she had it hidden. She looked at it carefully, still not sure how strong the enchantment was on the blade, but knowing it must be strong if Garak thought it to be a some use within these walls.

Nodding slowly at its perfect weight and balance, she walks forward. I am ready. A small glint in her eyes showed that she was interested in seeing this dagger working.

Garak nods. "Joachim, remember the blade of Farid that you carry and how we used it to find our way through his home? I suspect this is not a temple of Lathaner at all. If I'm correct, that blade of Cyric might be a key to a similar puzzle."

He then looked at Tamia. "Depending on your spirit, I don't know if I'd recommend using that weapon in combat." It was up to the girl if she followed his words. The assassin didn't know what would happen exactly, but he knew the weapon had the taint of its creator.

Joachim nods. He had nothing else to add to the conversation the undead made him slightly gloomy, he had just struck down those guards, he had no wish to do so once more should the necromancer by chance turn on them. However he does smirk at Tamia's joke.

Lucifer smiled at Garak's question, then shrugged a bit. He was curious as well, but saw no reason why a zombie couldn't do as instructed. He pointed to one of the human zombies, then said, You will take the front, and open any dorrs we come across, but only when I command you to do such."

With that all decided, and with the necromancer commanding his animated corpse, the assassin followed the zombie down the hallway, giving plenty of space between him and the creature in case it would set off a trap to attract the attention of another guard.

Garak silently wondered if he would be as amused by a trap shredding the zombie as he would if it were instead a normal living person...

Their path decided, the group moves to the far door, nearly a dozen various creatures packed into the hallway corner. Allowing a single zombie to shamble forward and disarm any waiting traps, everyone holds their breath as the undead slowly waddles to the door...

...and right into it, thudding against it with a soft moan. Undeterred, the zombie begins to paw and scratch at the door, groaning and gnashing its teeth together, but the door holds strong against its weak assault.

Basic Undead can only be given VERY simple commands, so opening a door is far out of its realm of abilities...
It's possible that higher-level Undead, or those with Intelligence, could perform more functions, but the lower-level undead are simply killing machines...

"zombie smash." Lucifer said the command darkly. This was, after all, his first real attempt at raising an army of lifeless soldiers. He was bound to make some mistakes.

The zombie continues to pound on the door, the noise deafening in the otherwise silent hallway, but to no avail....

"Confounding creatures.... Cease and do nothing. Garak, I'm afraid these creatures are useless when it comes to doors. Perhaps we should rely on your expertise." Lucifer felt a bit the fool. But, when it came to a fight, perhaps the undead would prove more valuable.

Joachim eyes the zombie still standing in front of the door, now having ceased its pounding. "I guess our element of surprise went with the fight in any case ... now they will most like be very confused as in why we are knocking at their doors ..." Joachim says slightly bemused with the whole situation, however the grotesqueary of the undead still made him feel uncomfortable. That which had put to rest, should not move.

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