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Chapter 6c - The Temple of Lathander

The necromancer scowled at the portal. The wolf was expendable. His familiar was not. "Only if you poke your head in, Margak." The necromancer sighed slightly, then stepped towards the portal himself. "Unfortunately, there are now things on the other side I cannot afford to lose at this time."

Lucifer grumbled as a roiling mass of negative energy rippled about his body. It was an obvious sign of his displeasure as he purposefully strode towards the gate. At his side, an undead bear ambled along. He would retrieve his familiar, or die in the process.

There was something compelling about heading into the rocky, icy world...wherever it was. Garak had remembered his deal with Farid to find the other half of his broken sword. Perhaps in this place, one similar to the other ice caves, the blade could be found...

Besides, if the magic that created the portal had any indication of the power that could potentially be available for liberation on the other end, Garak was interested.

"You won't go alone." The assassin nodded at the necromancer as Kohl padded up to stand by Garak's side. Now just for a few of the meat shields to go in first...

"Euhm ... If it has to be ... " Joachim scratched the back of his head. Then he turned to Margak remembering their deal from the day before. "Margak do you want to join us and see if we can avenge your clan together? What ever lies on the other end of the portal is bound to be related to those who subdued your clan. Foiling their plans will certainly be in your interest." If the other's reply was negative he added "I promise I will be back, hopefully with someone to get rid of these darn portal doors."

"No, I cannot go in there," Margak replies. "I must stay here and lead my tribe."
"I would aid you in some other way, but going into that Door I might not ever come back out..."

"I understand, you have a duty to your people, and I agree you ought to stay with them. We'll do as best we can and I shall return once this evil is removed from this world." Joachim looks at the rest of his group. For once he had not great wish to be first in line. And thus waited for the others to move first.

Shall we continue Gerwin's quest or just put her on hold in Saerb?

Stepping through the Door, you prepare for the familiar feeling of blackness and nothing-ness you remember from the other Portals, but this time the sensation is markedly different.
The sense of darkness and confusion is still there, of course, but the primary thing you feel is cold, a deep frozen energy that fills this place, and which has seemed to seep into the Door itself. It's almost as walking through a cold icy tunnel, sharp wind knocking at your face and hair, whipping your clothes about with an invisible force.
And yet, the air is still, such that a scrap of parchment held aloft would rigid and unmoved...

~~ WHOOSH! ~~

Please continue through the Portal...

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