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Chapter 6d - Worlds within Worlds

Chapter 6d - Worlds within Worlds

Chapter 6d - Worlds within Worlds

PreviouslyStepping through the Door, you prepare for the familiar feeling of blackness and nothing-ness you remember from the other Portals, but this time the sensation is markedly different.
The sense of darkness and confusion is still there, of course, but the primary thing you feel is cold, a deep frozen energy that fills this place, and which has seemed to seep into the Door itself. It's almost as walking through a cold icy tunnel, sharp wind knocking at your face and hair, whipping your clothes about with an invisible force.
And yet, the air is still, such that a scrap of parchment held aloft would rigid and unmoved...

~~ WHOOSH! ~~

Now with both feet firmly upon the ground below, you turn around to see that the Portal you came through is gone, naught but a thick sheet of ice-wall in its place. There is still a massive amount of residual energy here, though its source could just as well be the very crystals that make this place up, for they seem to resonate the same dark, cold, ancient magic that permeated the Portal.

Looking about, your vision is that of a large underground complex, its construction seemingly more ice than rock, composed of numerous winding paths carved from thick blocks of ice. Dark-blue icicles ring any exposed lengths of stone, including the pathways and stairs which are clearly man-made, carved and etched with strange fanciful symbols that seem to bear a resemblance to the ones on the Darksun Amulet.

Your current location seems otherwise deserted, and two equally-windy paths lead off to each side, one sloping upwards and to the left in a series of carved steps, the other winding to and fro along the right-side of the cave complex, leading through the base of some large corkscrew-like structure or formation.

"Oh... my god....!" Mala exclaimed loudly as she stepped out and felt the sharp gusts of wind assault her. "Graaaahhh!" She shrieked and began to spin around in a circle as if the cold chills were beginning to freeze her solid, it took every ounce of her dancing like motion to keep some body heat about her. The violent reaction to the cold forced Mala to promptly change attire through her usual means of magical transformation. The tight yet revealing attire she was wearing flickered with light. Moments later, Mala's entire body was bathed in a glowing aura. "Ahh much bet...terterter..." She trailed off with the chattering of her teeth, this clearly wasn't one of her finer moments.

Shivering despite herself, Mala now wore a multi-layered garb of leather
Think dressed like an eskimo
pelts and fur. She shook her head some and focused on the circumstances at hand. "I hate... the cold." She muttered as she willed herself into finding some warm comfort in the new attire she wore. "Well then. where do we go from here?" She inquired, surveying both paths.

"The place seems empty..." She remarked as she lightly tapped the side of her head, she wasn't picking anyone up besides them.

Joachim sighs. Ice Caves ... again. The cold actually didn't bother him, so far the climate had been hot and a man in a full plate would always be warmed by the sheer effort it took to move around in that thing, at least here the cold gave him some refreshment. No less the sweat from prior locations would surely become cumbersome.

"When in doubt take the right path ..." Joachim observed, he didn't really care, but looked at Garak to see if the other would search the surrounding for tracks or some such skill Joachim did not possess. "I hope your companions are fine Necromancer."

Joachim's eyes shone
Detect Evil ON
blue once more looking into his surrounding trying to discern if any evil lingered in the air.

Joachim looks around the massive chamber, seeing with his mind as much as his eyes, and what he sees makes him shiver, a shiver borne not of cold. This entire place, from the icicles atop the ceiling to the rocks at your feet, resonates an odd sense of lingering evil, as if even it could not resist the spectacular cold and magic of this place. Over time, it has permeated every pore and yet been suppressed by them as well, such that the whole complex feels like an icy prison, cold and damp and silent and depressing...

Even Lucifer, being one of darker intentions himself, feels awed by the power of this place. His own arts focused on the lingering life-essence left in most creatures, or of creating one where there was naught before, but the energies here are entirely unlike what he practiced. If he could have but a fraction of the abilities this place had of suppression and negation, he would be unstoppable.

For only a few moments, as he stared out at the icy chambers in awe, Lucifer entertained the idea of remaining here for a month or two in research. The things he could learn to the benefit of the Art. It was a great temptation indeed. And then he
casting detect undead
recalled why he was compelled to this place whether his companions followed or not. His gaze
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 6 (Total = 7)
searched the immediate area, seeking his companion and his wolf.

Mentally he reached out for those in his care. At best, he could know their location. At worst, he could call them to his side, and whatever else might follow. "Be on the watch. No telling what may be lurking nearby."

Lucifer looks about the area, using both his eyes and his mind, and soon finds his two minions alive and well, for lack of a better term, though they seem to have idly wandered off without him there to control them. The wolf seemed to be examining one of the nearby ice-formations, and Lucifer sensed his familiar still trapped within it.

Calling out to the creatures, his Wolf saunters over cautiously, as if somehow slowed or dazed, but the ghostly familiar seems unable to leave its body. Somehow, the energies of the Portal-Door must have altered the magics inherent in his spell, and combined both Wolf and Familiar into one being. Otherwise, they seem unharmed by the effects, though the longer his familiar is trapped within the Wolf, the weaker Lucifer feels his connection to it becoming...

Joachim's eyes detected Evil all around them, but Lucifer sensed no nearby undead save for his own creations, though he knew full-well that whatever powerful arcane magic infested this place, could also be dampening his own abilities.

Regardless, the situation steadfastly refused to resolve itself, as two paths still presented themselves to the party. One to the left, and one to the right...

"This is not looking good." Joachim comments.

He then sighs. They had come so far of track he barely remembered what they were to be doing in the first place. Perhaps Garak could brief them again once they were somewhere calm and less frosty. "So ... lets find the way out then? Perhaps some way to destroy this cave, along the way, and then be on with our quest to help the order ... "

With that he steps of down the path that had more light and was more likely to lead out. (Left)

Confused and impatient, Joachim doesn't wait around for Lucifer to reunite with his minions, though he sees them out of the corner of his eye as he walks off down the left path, stepping carefully up each carved step to avoid slipping on the icy ground. Now that he is closer, the Paladin sees that each step isn't merely carved into its semi-square shape, but intricately cut and fashioned from dozens of individual blocks of ice, each one emblazoned with different symbols and pictograms.
The images depict what seems to be an old story or tale, though its meaning isn't immediately clear. Figures of men both small and large feature prominently in the pictures, with the large figures at first giving light to the smaller ones, then rounding them up and placing them in strange boxes or cages. Near the top of the steps, the figures no longer appear as bright or as detailed, and are covered over with a strange fuzzy blur, still standing in their odd little boxes...

Looking up past the steps, the exit from this place looks to be awash in white light, such that simply looking into it is painful from this close of a range, and nothing past the doorway is visible.

Joachim advances along the path taking a brief look at the pictures on the wall. For a moment he wonders if they were of The skill/save/ability check 'Knowledge (religion)' was not found for 322983 kind and if they told a story he knew. Or perhaps there was some sort of message related to some sort of The skill/save/ability check 'Knowledge (nobility and royalty)' was not found for 322983 house ... In ether case he wasn't a scholar and these things didn't concern him to much, but if he could learn something, the better.

As he reached the light he hesitated in stepping through ... if he knew Garak the assassin would be more than keen to explore whatever they had found thoroughly, even though it was just another side track in regards to their current mission. Joachim sighed, if there was some sort of way to destroy this place, perhaps he ought to give a try and find it. So he turns around and walks back exactly the same way he had come to report his findings to the party. "There are some pictures on the walls, I don't have a clue what they might be about, perhaps one of you can gather more ... the exit seems to me to be yet another portal ... or some really bright environment ... Shall we try to find a leaver that collapses this place?" He grinned at Garack and wondered where the remainder of the group had ended up. Lorem and Tamrik, but also all that came before they had left and even after ... Raen, Raz, that shaman and the girl ... and those that had fallen ... Harrod and the other mages he had never truly learned the names. Last but not least he was reminded of his wife that he had yet again departed from.

He blinked twice and looked at the new party members, at least they had lasted a day or two so far. He wondered if they would end up like the reminder of his former companions, dead or else-wise occupied.

Mala grit her teeth, still affected by the cold chills. Despite her better efforts of illusionary magic, the cold was still very much an unwelcome hazard, no amount of fake fur coats would prevent that one. Trying to calm her mind, Mala was immediately assailed with a sudden influx of information. Looking over at Lucifer, Mala realized that he had moved that warding creature from himself.

As time passed, it became more aparant that the creature was not returning into Lucifer's body, and so like a broken keg tap, Lucifer's thoughts and expressions came pouring into Mala's mind. Gritting her teeth tighter, she tried for the better part to ignore gleaning information off of his surface thoughts and memories.

Staring forward, Mala's mind didn't seem to register Joachim's words until the last sentence. "I am all for destroying this place..." She muttered defiantly as she tightened the fur around herself. Looking over at the walls, Mala took in note the various imageries. "Hmm..." She pondered their hidden
Knowledge Arcana:
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 11 (Total = 27)
arcane meanings or perhaps these were something unique to the
Knowledge Planes:
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 18 (Total = 27)
domain they were in.

Trying to focus on the task at hand, Mala tried to keep herself from reacting to the concerns that seemed to gather around Joachim. No one would question the danger and ill circumstances taking place at the moment... but that would be all the more reason that everyone would need to focus that much more. The questions will find their answers in due time, but first things first, survival is more important than an answer.


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