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Chapter 6d - Worlds within Worlds

Thanks to Mala and Lucifer, the makeshift Shadow-Wagon slithers and floats its way up and around the Winding Tower, ending up just at the top of the stairs. Here, the Tower ends and an incredibly thin projection leads from one stalactite to another, with only a small oasis maintaining the center of its length. The ground here looks just as perfect and clean as the one below, perhaps even moreso, and surely just as slippery.
At the end of the bridge is the central stalactite, and on closer inspection you can plainly see that it is carved and shaped in to just this particular shape, not eroded or built-up over time as many of the other structures in this huge cavern. There looks to be some sort of altar built into its side, with just barely enough room for a single person to attend it.

Shifting awkwardly on the magic disc, Garak pulls a broken sword from his pack and holds it aloft to the ceiling. The large hilt suggests it had once been a longsword, but its blade is completely broken, nothing but a couple sharp prongs of metal shard still attached to its end.

When put up to the ceiling, however, it begins to glow slightly, gleaming with a soft azure light.

Garak nods towards the altar. "This could turn out bad, but I sense that this sword needs to be up there." If nobody had any better ideas, the assassin
casting gaseous form
murmurs a few words and turns into a cloud of gas. The form then slowly floated towards the ceiling and the altar...

His plan was to reform into his usual body once he was safe on the platform, and then see if there was an obvious place to put the sword other than on the top of the altar.

if anybody has better ideas, please speak up. i'm not sure how far away from the altar we are, so the spell may not be necessary to reach it. if not necessary, then he will just walk to the altar.
ideas anybody

Joachim sat and watched, unhappy to be restricted to his seat.

Whisps of Garak float away towards the Altar, and he reforms just at the edge of the projection. Though the Tower had been icy before, the small amount of foot-room just in front of the Altar seems relatively unslippery, and Garak steps into it cautiously.
The Altar is unlike any he had seen before, no candles or religious artifacts, or even any sort of statuettes or accoutrements, just a solid projection coming down from the ceiling. In the center of the Altar is a thin hole some five inches wide and barely an inch high, which seems just small enough to slip the Sword into.

Glancing down behind him, Garak sees the rest of the party waiting eagerly on the conjured Shadow-Wagon, and he turns back to the Altar, sword in hand...

"Oh common, do it already." Joachim grumbled looking down only to pull himself back again. He sure hoped his sring would work if it was necessary or else ... he would have to call Artax in the hopes he had time to do so.

The sword sinks into the alcove, and the Altar begins to thrum with power and energy. Though it does not vibrate outwardly, Garak and all nearby can feel the outflows of residual energy that seems to shake your mind. The ice begins to glow with a bluish aura, building and brightening for a few moments before it pops in a bright flash.

When you open your eyes, the Altar has returned to a semi-dormant condition once again, though it still ebbs with some dark energies, and the sword remains locked in its place. Glancing around to see what has changed, you all see that the far-left chamber, which had previously been awash in blinding-white light, is no longer so afflicted, the painful light having dissipated completely.

Nothing else in this large chamber seems to be different, but much of it remains yet unexplored...

Garak pointed over towards the chamber that was no longer engulfed in blinding light. It seemed like a logical direction to head. He cast the spell once again to change into a gaseous form, and began to head in that direction.

Joachim saw Garak slowly float in direction of the other path. "Let's race him there." he said little convinced of his words and more out of a wish to actually start moving.

Garak floats down easily to the other end of the large chamber, stopping just in front of the small exit, and waits for Joachim and the others to join him. A few moments later they catch up, and led by Joachim and his blade step into the room.

Walking into the previously-lit room, you see it is another massively-high chamber like the one before it, though there are no projections or ice formations here. Instead, it has been expertly carved into a perfect Sphere, all of its surfaces covered with the same types of marks and inscriptions present in the previous chamber. The outside of this chamber is ringed with large columns, though as they do not reach all they way to the ceiling they are clearly ornamental in nature.
A small path from your entrance leads to a central hub, which splits out into four separate lanes, one in each primary compass direction. Each lane ends in a large shrine, complete with a number of religious items and tools, a pair of benches for prayer and supplication, and a thin pedestal holding aged books and scrolls.

This chamber, just like the one before it, seems entirely devoid of life, though it positively oozes with latent energy.
Those of you who wear your Amulet of Eclipse, the odd trinket provided by the Order that seems to have had little use or purpose thus far, feel an immense pressure upon your chest, as if the Amulet held the weight of a heavily-laden packhorse.

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