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Chapter 6d - Worlds within Worlds

Joachim takes out his amulet on eclipse and looks at the rest of the group. This wasn't his department ... there was nothing to be reasoned with ... be it by words or words.

"Oh good another ice room." He sighs. He pokes at one of the ice columns with his sword and walks half bored along the walls taking a look at them. Like previously he searches them for their vileness and for any clues of The skill/save/ability check 'Knowledge (religion)' was not found for 322983 or The skill/save/ability check 'Knowledge (nobility and royalty)' was not found for 322983. After he has done his round he starts to inspect the shrines and so on just to see if there was somehting he might
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 16
These dice were omitted, altered, or moved: 1d20+2
Original Dice: 1d20+2

"Darn ice!" Joachim exclaims as he had just started to realise the bright light of the ice had made his eyesight go blurry.
These dice sets were omitted or moved: 1d20+1, 1d20

Garak floats down next to Joachim and slowly begins to transform into his usual appearance--the dark assassin's shadowy form emerging from the gaseous mists.

The Amulet of Eclipse around his neck suddenly became heavy, and Garak struggled to pull it from underneath his robe. There was energy within the room, and he did his best to understand the carvings on the wall, the significance of the shape of the room, the placement and adornment of the four altars, and the behavior of his amulet. There was something to all of the things in this room---it was a puzzle they had to figure out in order to break free.

He did not speak, instead,
not touching any of the items on the altars or reading any of the scrolls
remaining near the middle of the room, taking in all the details he could and processing them until they made sense...

Though Joachim can tell rather quickly that the Shines and Altars are of great religious significance, he is unable to pinpoint any more than that from an indirect observation, nor with an occasional sword-poke at the columns. Though the Paladin is intent on discerning the purpose of this room, his distaste for this place clouds his judgement, and he can only tell that they are Shrines dedicated to a dark God, or at least certainly not one of the gentler ones.

Garak floats into the Sphere Room as well, and attempts to think his way out of this problem. The complex seemed designed as a prison or holding-area of sorts, or at least that's what it had been converted into, and thus the 4 Shrines would seem to have some meaning in that regard. It was possible they were somehow keyed together by magic or other divine influence, and that Attending the Shrines would reveal the room's true purpose...

Upon closer inspection, each Shrine holds a pair of small black bowls, one of the few things not made of ice in this place. Sitting upon a small bench in front of each one, the bowls are flanked by a crude shard of ice, that Garak recognizes to be a knife-like instrument, most likely to aid in the filling of the bowls.
For someone of his experience and abilities, the signs of a Sacrifice were all too easy to spot, though what exactly they were meant for, or who they were meant for, is still uncertain...

Joachim shrugs and moves to one of the altars. He takes the ice knife "Any volunteers for blood?

None answer Joachim's question immediately, perhaps pondering whether or not they wanted to offer up their own blood as a sacrifice.

Even Garak, normally right at home with this dark-side of things, seems unsettled by the Altar, and slowly glances about the room. There were three other Shrines here as well, and three of his companions to fill the bowls...but would they go willingly?
And for that matter, does Lucifer even have blood? a voice pinged inside his head, the thought quickly burying itself.

I'm much more available now, so I'd love to have some beefier posting

Joachim shrugged. "Well ... anyone any ideas of what to do?"

He didn't feel like doing something rash and wasn't sure what he could do next. This was clearly out of his league of investigation. He started studying the pictures closely as to get some sort of idea of what he could do to get out of here and chasing wizards and killing gods again.

Waiting for the mages in his group to do their thing, Joachim busies himself looking about the room, trying to study the carvings and pictograms to get a better understanding of this place.
The images here seem quite similar to the ones in the large room first encountered, as if it were simply different artists painting the same subjects. They speak of a cruel, Dark God coming in to take over, and that their own Deity was pushed aside with incredible ferocity.
There are images of priests being slain with jagged weapons, and even some pictograms of slaves or prisoners being led around in shackles. One image in particular depicts the Winding Tower encountered outside, with a priest at the top Altar performing a ceremony, and unlucky supplicants falling to their deaths over its unstable ledges as others struggle to climb up behind them...

The central pedestal is oddly rounded, and seems to be offset slightly from the ground around and below it. In fact, it looks rather like a nail or screw, tightened heavily into the ground. Markings around its edges indicate many old scrapings of stone-on-stone, and the floor holds similar scratches.

Joachim moves to the center pedestal and looks for some sort of niche or the likes a leaver might be placed. He then tries to place his sword or else tries to ram it into the ice using it as leaverage point. He then sees if rotating the pillar had any effect and if it were to screw in or out. If it does he screws it out.

There is no niche, pedestal, or other obvious sort of mechanism present on the pedestal, its sides perfectly smooth and symmetrical. The base of it, although not flush to the surface below it, nonetheless puts up fierce resistance to Joachim's efforts, not budging an inch.

The altars seemed to be clearly waiting for a sacrifice, however Garak was initially satisfied with allowing the others to make the initial inspections.

There were materials on top of each of the altars, and the assassin could not make out any details unless he were closer. So, he moved towards the closest one to see what he could learn...

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