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Chapter 7b - Righting the Ship

Willow Ardent
Willow looks at Ara, "So... who else believes that we are well suited to this task... I mean, of course, the person who is communicating with you right now."

Magnir Hrotthson
Magnir just silently looks between Willow and Meredith a moment, shifting back and forth on his feet as a little song perks up in his head-quietly humming it under his breath as Cordelia began to speak now.

Raising a brow at her mention of; "returning home", he was a little surprised, atleast he looked it. Though a slight-if almost imperceptible nod would come after her mention of fighting and dying honorably would be spoken.

Sure he wasn't the most honorable of combatant in the strictest of sense, but honor is different between cultures.

And honor meant nothing if you get your head lopped off anyway. Best not to let that happen.

Once Willow spoke up and directed her question-statement to Ara, Magnir looked to her for a moment, perplexed by her words until he started to put two-and-two together.

More information. Useful, juicy, information.

Meredith is about to respond to Cordelia when Willow speaks. A slight frown replaces her former expression and she looks at the other woman curiously, then to Ara, trying to ascertain what is going on.

"Well, the Order, of course," Ara replies, tilting her head slightly to the side as she responds to Willow's question, though her voice betrays a hint of something deeper.
"They like to keep aware of things, as any employer might want to keep track of an employee, and thus we maintain an open line of communication,"
she adds.

"It's nothing sinister,"
Ara says with a smile.

Willow Ardent
Willow frowns, "No... I don't think so. I don't take orders from someone on a party line that I'm not privy to. Whomever wants us to carry out this plan needs to be here planning it with us."

Magnir Hrotthson
As Willow poses the response after Aras own, Magnir moves towards the door of the little house-lodge and peeks his eyes out from the edge of a window that was covered with cloth, seeing out into the area silently as he waited for them to come to a conclusion on what to do. Only returning once he had sated his curiosity-returning to stand not far from Ara or Zeek, but more on the path towards the door.

"The Order seem as distant and manipulative as those we oppose," Meredith accuses, her expression growing stern if not angry. "I have no wish to trade one set of masters for another, equally as dictatorial in their dealings. We have agreed to carry out this task - but let the manner in which we do so be our own, unless the Order has aid to offer us. They have already shown themselves to be divided and indecisive on such matters."

You have not traded one master for the other, you have accepted that these religious sects are no longer needed in society. Ara says calmly. Not showing the irritation within her at being compared to the groups they oppose. I have made a suggestion of the easiest method to cause a true distraction and literally kill two birds with a single stone. Our friend, Magnus, has provided us with information regarding the strength of the Baneites. One can never promise perfect numbers involving these sects, but without pushing Bavvor into battle, I fear we not be enough.

She looks around the room, each of them in turn. Trying to understand why each of them now questioned every detail, when moments ago they were ready to go to battle immediately. I represent the Order, as you well know. You want our ‘party line,’ it is to wipe these sects off the map by any means necessary. Does anybody have a better idea in regards to how to attack and not die?

Magnir Hrotthson
"As someone whom understands the need for secrecy, but also the need for knowledge-and honesty, I believe that we should be on our way...considering we are burning time." Tapping his chin slightly, the Northman grins gently. "I believe the term I have heard used is-'the window is closing'-in Waterdeep. Our inability to trust one another may need to be put aside for now and focus on the task at hand-lest we fall behind our query and end up losing our opportunity." He doesn't know the groups past with Ara at all it seems.

At mention of a better idea, he puts up his hand and shakes his head. "None coming from me." Well ofcourse, hes the one whom just was here to provide the information and bridge a gap, which he has done. And he seemed all the more happy to stay out of the way now since he got his "Main" objective fulfilled.

Meredith remains silent for a moment, regarding Ara whilst she makes up her mind.

"Very well," she concedes, when she does speak. "You are right - we all wish to do away with these followers of Bane, for our own reasons. Let us focus on that.

"Attacking Bannor's men seems counter-productive, however. The Banites are our primary goal; to weaken his forces by attacking them would be to weaken our hand against our true targets. If he is a coward at heart, can we not offer him a soft target? Let us lead him to believe that the Banites have their forces elsewhere and that he might raid their base of operations with impunity."


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