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Magic Items in Farland

Thanks for posting these. It will take me a while to go through them but I suspect some will make a future update!

To help with organization so you dont have to search the thread, I'll always repost the completed revised ones, removing them when you either add them, say they wont be added, or say they need more revising.

I'll also list new concepts when I formally concieve them so you can say "no way" or give specific opinions if you so desire before I put too much effort into designing them (the wrong way).

I like the idea of the featherfall staff!

I think I've finished all the unique Commander Weapons.

I've modified the 5th Commanders axe, as well as revised the other four Kassius items.

Nice! As far as the moonclaw goes, is there a need to be magic and silvered? I'm not aware of a situation where magic doesn't do what silvered does, but I could be wrong.

Nothing in the core ruleset, so you're looking at a leftover from earlier editions or the necessity of a setting-specific rule. Maybe silvered weapons provide advantage on confirming critical hits against creatures weak to it, rather than overcoming damage resistance?

Or a type of Prime Lycanthrope deal which requires magical silver weapons, not just one or the other, to slay. Could work with warlocks using Fiendish Resistance too. I dunno, it's just a thought.

I was originally going for making all the weapons silvered, not realizing that being magic would do the trick. Once I realized that, I started shifting away from them being both. But it seems to fit that the weapon used by the werebear is MADE from silver. Silver seems to be a pretty big magic conductor, so it seems like with a creature that has a lot to do with silver (even if it is a vulnerability), it being silver would help with the process of making the magic work.


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