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Healing: background, feat, skill, equipment, and more

Thanks for keeping your lists organized!

Alright, I took some of your creative herb ideas and tweaked them a little to match better with the Farland herb system. Let me know your comments. I plan to publish them as part of this month's update with credit to you, Hamnier.

Mandrake Root

Herb, uncommon

This herb is the root of the Mandrake plant, which has bell-shaped purple flowers and orange berries. It grows in warm grasslands and the outskirts of warm forests. The root looks vaguely man-shaped. If the root is mashed, brewed into a concoction with bitter almonds,and an entire dose is ingested, it is poisonous: A creature subjected to this poison must make a DC 10 Constitution saving throw. On a failed save, it takes 5 (1d10) poison damage and is poisoned for 8 hours. On a successful save, the creature takes half damage and isn’t poisoned. However, the poisonous concoction tastes extremely bitter, potentially warning a victim before it takes an entire dose. When stripped of its outer skin, the soft tender center of the root can be boiled into a tea-like concoction with lemons and honey. A creature that imbibes this tea-like concoction has advantage on the first saving throw it makes against poison within the next 24 hours.

Price to purchase Mandrake Root Concoction: 50 sp


Herb, uncommon

These light pink roots grow beneath the Sage plant, a rather nondescript weed-like plant with serated, oblong leaves. The Sage plant can be found growing in Southern Daven and Southern Orland. Sageroot is especially prized by doctors and healers, because when it is brewed into an oily concoction with dill and then added to Bestra's Weed salve, it increases the potency of the latter's healing effects: When you use an action to apply salve made from Bestra's Weed that also has Sageroot concoction in it, you regain 3 (1d4 +1) hit points.

Price to purchase Sageroot Concoction: 10 sp

Braided Vines

Herb, common

Found in Jila on the continent of Eruna, where it is common, the strands of this vine grow in tight clusters which wrap over each other, giving it a braided appearance. They can be eaten as a vegetable and are quite nutritious, but if the Braided Vine is combined into a concoction with chive and clover, it temporally increases muscle performance. When consumed as an action, for one hour, Braided Vine concoction grants advantage on Strength (Athletics) checks made to climb.

Price to purchase Braided Vine Concoction: 10 sp

****I'm not really sure what happened with this post. Though the archive and everything is still in the next post

This post renewed the archive, updated the format, archived clear-stones, and introduced Ashline and Mountain Ashline.

Great ideas. Think about how these would be used in play. As far as a suggestion effect, who would be able to make the suggestions, and for how long? Maybe something that causes a sleep spell like effect, but weaker might be a better option.

For the mountain ashline, what qualifies as eye and breathing protection?

I removed the Mandrake Root, Sageroot, and Braided Vines since you said you're adding those in the coming update. I also re-revised the format that the herbs are in to fit with how they are on the site.

For eye protection, there are rudimentary goggles, they can probably be bought for a high-ish price at an apothecary who probably uses them fairly frequently, or else at a specialty leather shop or a place they make headgear.

Breathing protection could be as simple as a clean rag over the nose and mouth, though unless they have a better filter that would probably only help for about 10 or so minutes.

If you want to go extreme, there are always those bird looking plague doctor masks. The reason for the beak was because they believed that diseases were transmitted through smell, and a good smell would counteract, so they stuffed things like rosemary inside the beak. In the context of the game, a smaller nob or beak could simply hold a good filter.

As for their use, I was thinking this could be used primarily by an villain group in an adventure, but also usable by players if they so choose, a Healer would likely know about this and could grab a stash for coughs, but then a time comes that a good smokescreen would be nice. The practical uses for gameplay are fairly limited, but the potential they have in their specific little niche is very high, at least I thought so when I created them. I'll look into an adventure where these would be used.

I actually have a question about Pipeleaf. How much Pipeleaf is considered a "concoction"? Does it cost 25sp to get/make a single 5-minute dose? Or is it 25sp for three 20-minutes doses? (I say "dose" as in it or a portion of it will burn and smoke for it's duration)

Hey! Welcome back. It is the listed price for one dose. That means enough of the concoction to bring about the listed effect. In this case that means it is 25 sp for one 5 minute effect, or for Southern Star, enough for one prestidigitation effect.


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