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Here is a list of new spell ideas. Please let me know if there is anything blatantly out of balance, or something you don't think you'd even consider so I can adjust or remove them from the list. Other than that, these are here for your consideration.

Some neat ideas here! I especially like Blazing Pursuit.

A couple new spell ideas and a feat idea

I am not sure if practiced caster isn't overpowered.

How does this look?


I think the revised feat is better though you may want to cap spell gained at level 5 to prevent doubling up high level spell access. However I am not sure what other good caster feats there are so comparatively it may not be that strong. I will try to look comparatively later.

I don't think there are currently any feats that grant new spell slots, just grant access to new spells or advantages in various ways (like war caster). Though most don't have prerequisites either.

Perhaps I could make it instead of simply a slot, they can chose a spell they are practiced at and can use it once or twice per day, kind of like wizards can do. Actually... I could be wrong, but I think that wizard ability is called practiced caster. :P I'll need to pick a different name if that's the case.

You could look at some of the Warlock evocations as well, like the ones that allow you to cast disguise self without using a spell slot etc. Maybe something like the below though if that is to weak you could add choose a cantrip and a spell. It is pretty close to magic initiate except it would gain in power as you got stronger and chose higher level spells. It would still allow a wizard to get 2 level 8 spells in a day but it would at least prevent the arcane recovery etc from giving them more slots to recover.

Favored Spell
Choose a spell from your characters spell list that you meet the requirements to cast. Once per day you can cast the spell without using a spell slot. When you level up you can replace with a new spell that you meet the requirements for.

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