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Ghost Warlock Invocations

Ghost Warlock Invocations

This is mostly a placeholder but I want to work on adding some ghost specific evocations for warlocks to take. Along the lines of some of the other patrons. An example being below, or kiss of mephestis allowing the casting of a fireball at the end of eldritch blast. Still flushing out ideas but if anyone has ghost ideas let me know. Thinking along the lines of necrotic damage, armor of agathy as a free spell 1/day etc.

Sea Twinsí Gift
Prerequisite: The Archfey patron
The Sea Twins rule seas in the Feywild. Their gift
allows you to travel through water with ease.
You can breathe underwater, and you gain a
swimming speed equal to your walking speed.
You can also cast water breathing using a
warlock spell slot. Once you cast it using this
invocation, you canít do so again until you finish
a long rest.

I like the idea of adding more ghost warlock invocations.

Frozen Shroud
Requirement Pact of the Ghost
Your patron shrouds you in frozen armor. Once per day you may cast Armor of Agathy as a level 1 spell without using a spell slot. At warlock level 5 it increases to level 2 and at level 11 it increases to level 3.

Ethereal Transit
Requirements: Pact of the Ghost, Warlock lvl 11
Once per day using a warlock spell slot you can cast the spell etherealness.

Those look fitting and balanced.

Etherealness does give you a level 6 spell early but forcing a slot usage and an evocation balances it I think. Plus it is more of a utility spell so hopefully not to broken.

I wanted to make Armor of agathy grow because an issue with a lot of evocations is you take them and by level 10 they are worthless but you can not change them.

I still want to do a "weird" one but I am not sure what yet.

I was thinking the ghostly movement could use some building on, it seems like a cool idea but fairly limited compared to some of the other pact features at level 6. Perhaps an invocation that makes it last longer (maybe only outside of combat, so it's not too powerful) like up to a minute, could add some interesting utility to it. Since it lasts until the start of your next turn it would be cool to gain some benefit from an invocation maybe during that period, like a ghost like resistance to non-magical physical attacks.

Nop277, we appreciate the feedback!


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