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Development Opportunities


Hey Farland, I've (nearly) finished the adventure write up.

When writing an adventure for someone else to run it is quite hard placing all of the ideas in my head into a format that others will be able to read and understand. If you would read it and let me know in which areas I haven't been very clear I would appreciate it...

Thanks... :)


Chunky, I only glanced over it (I will look at it in more detail later tonight), but that looks really, really cool. I love the layout. It will make it into an update very soon. One big problem, though: it can't contain any monsters that do not appear in the SRD, as they are not Open Game Content, and I could run into legal trouble if I post them on my site. That includes beholders. Can you check the SRD and rework it so that non-SRD monsters don't appear?

Thanks again!



I didn't think of that!

(and Beholders are my favourite monster too!)

Let me work on it and I'll fix it as soon as possible. ;)

EDIT- The adjustments have been made to the adventure. Here it is...

Chunky, it looks awesome. It is going to come out as part of this month's update, around June 15th. I am also going to convert it to DM Genie format. Nice work!

I would love to see some more stuff from you. That coveted spot on the Farland staff page awaits...
Thanks for linking to my site. Can you please either give me your first name and last initial or your last name and first initial, your choice? I hate to credit it to "Chunky." Hell, if you want to use your full name, that's fine too.

Thanks for installment one in your story, Lord Anki.

And Chunky, did you see my message?


1. Create a dungeon-crawl adventure for the Ruins of Stor-Gris. This is an ancient ruin that represents the capital of an ancient goblin-orc empire. Untold secrets may lie here.

2. Create an adventure that takes place in Festerine swamp. Who knows what the swamp holds.Farland, I'm torn between these two...

Which would you prefer me to do first?

Ooh, that's a tough one. Hmmmm..... my choice would be Stor-Gris, but I would love to get either.

If you do Stor-Gris, make it for level 12 characters, okay? Remember to keep all monsters legal (from the SRD). I will send you some background info. on Stor-Gris.

But if you want to do an adventure about a place I know nothing about, choose the swamp.

Either way, after the quality of the last adventure, I can't wait to see this one.

This time, take it easy on the ellipses [...], okay? :biggrin:

Stor-Gris it is then! :)Sorry... It's a VERY bad habit of mine... I'll try... and... refrain... from... using... it... as... furture. ;)

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