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So I started out in 2016 playing Pokémon Go. One of my coworkers has played the core games since Red came out in '95. Last October I bought a Nintendo 2DS XL. Since them I have played both Sun and Ultra Sun to completion. Sun was my first core game. Ultra Sun I have played ridiculous amounts of. I currently need to finish Omega Ruby, which I am about 3/4 the way through not including post game content. I also have X and Black 2, both of which I have played until the first gym. I have also spent an inordinate amount of time reading about it. First Silph Road and Reddit because Pokémon Go, and then Bulbapedia and Smogon.

So since it seems people on the Discord play some of the games, I am wonder who plays. I have some decent stuff for trading, and I was even mulling over the possibility of some sort of PbP hybrid game which actually uses Ultra Sun/Moon for battle resolution, where I could even give out rewards in the form of Pokémon. Mind you, I am pretty much a noob still, but since the core mechanics are not dissimilar to Pen and Paper RPGs, I picked it up quick. I managed to beat the Elite Four in Sun and Ultra Sun on the first try.

Hmm, I'm not too impressed with the PbP idea. I've seen the concept tried before, where people narrated everything except combat and then went into a separate game to do combat, but I've never seen it succeed. Scheduling conflicts, accusations of cheating, internet problems, and even situations where the combat was fairly unfair due to a difference in skill that the players had but weren't or couldn't be represented by the characters or off-site gameplay.

Just play PTU (Pokémon Tabletop United) or wait for the 2.0 version of that to come out.

Or play regular Pokémon with a bunch of people here/Discord. Lord knows I'll battle you.

As far as PbP goes, cheating or just trouncing on players wouldn't exactly be fun. The idea is to simulate the game when it comes to gym battles, so gym leaders should follow the same sort of balance as they do in the core games. The challenging part would be putting teams together for them though in Ultra Sun I can level things up pretty fast, and I imagine there would be plenty of time to craft an Elite Four, though that would be a bit of work. I'm not sure I would use PTU for straight PbP though, since I like lighter systems for running stuff.

As for battling, I don't mind. I have never done anything competitive. I'm kind of more into hunting and breeding or just Wormhole diving.

Might I suggest the PTU (Pokemon Tabletop United) system? I've run a live session game with it, and I've seen it pop up on the board here every once in a while. Unfortunately I can't get a link for you right now. It builds a traditional battlemat style tabletop RPG combat around pokemon.

If you don't like PTU, might I suggest pokemon RPG. It's free and it looks straight forward.


as for playing using the 3DS games I have Pokemon Moon (didn't get any of the Ultra Games because of a lack of funds/interest) but I've played and loved Alpha Sapphire

Originally Posted by SMARTAgentKC View Post
If you don't like PTU, might I suggest pokemon RPG. It's free and it looks straight forward.


as for playing using the 3DS games I have Pokemon Moon (didn't get any of the Ultra Games because of a lack of funds/interest) but I've played and loved Alpha Sapphire
I may check that one out. I am a bit familiar with Storyteller. I played some Omega Ruby last night. Ultra is pretty good though. There is a LOT of post game content.

I play a bit of Pokémon Go myself, and I played on the N64 with Pokémon Stadium. I also played Platinum on my DS Lite. Still do. However, I prefer the card version over the virtual games.

You could always run a rules lite game of pokemon where battles were simplified to a few dice rolls to see if a hit connects.

I signed up for a game of PTU or P RPG once and the sheer amount of stats for pokemon makes it seem impossible to play. That game fizzled out before we got our first pokemon.

I think it would be cool to just play a game set in one of the regions and only resort to rolling dice for important battles.
Nobody wants to RP running around viridian forest for 2 days looking for a pikachu and then roll a 6 and knock it out!

@omegoku I couldn't agree with you more. Here's a link to a game I'm planning, Interest will make sure it comes to existence


@MissSkeleton - I might have to give TCG another try sometime. I've been playing a bit more Pokemon Go weather permitting, especially with the Field Research stuff as well as the Kanto event. Everything is double candy too, so that's nice. Yesterday I got Moltres from the Field Research. You don't even have to complete all the Special research because that's for Mew. Which is good because it gets much harder when you live in suburbia.

Sun and especially Ultra Sun are the majority of my Pokemon experience. In Ultra Sun I am trying to get all the Legendaries from the Wormholes. My original team is at level 100 because Wormholes are good XP. I have a secondary team right now that are in the 50s-60s as well as an experimental Rockruff I bred from a Dusk Form Lycanrock holding an Everstone and a shiny Ditto. I might have to make a level 20ish something team so I can try again with a fresh Rockruff, since the Tauros hatching method is bar none the fastest.

@omegoku I could run something with Cortex Plus/Prime and it would probably run well. I've used it before so I know how to keep the pace in PbP, but it's not a very popular system. Pokerole doesn't seem too bad, and is very well written. I don't have much experience with the Storyteller mechanic but I'm not completely unfamiliar with it.

As for setting, for the most part I know Alola. I am most of the way through Omega Ruby, which is in Hoeinn. I've considered an original setting as well. I think I even started outlining Pokemon Regions into Faerun for a possible 5e game at one time. Though adapting the Ransei region from Pokemon Conquest could be interesting.


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