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Interest Check: FF20

Interest Check: FF20

So my boyfriend and I are both really interested in the Final Fantasy d20 game. I first really saw something about it on these forums for use in a game that I believe isn't around currently. While I would love to play in it myself I am tentatively thinking about GMing it if a GM cannot be found. So this thread is to try and see if there is any other interest in playing with this particular system and suggestions about what setting of Final Fantasy it should take place in.

If anyone is interested in GMing and having a guaranteed two members that's great. If there is enough interest to get some decent applications and I cant find a GM I will consider opening up a recruitment myself with one spot reserved for my boyfriend since playing this game together in some form is at least part of the whole reason for this post.

So yeah, let me know if you're interested. Or if you've played it and have thoughts or opinions about the system because while it is very similar to Pathfinder there are a number of differences and I haven't seen how those play out in an actual game yet.

Since my tristalt game's recruitment is being put on hold until another month or so, I have actually been working on a Final Fantasy d20 campaign that I was going to float the idea for in the next day or so here on Mythweavers.

What questions did you have about the system, if you don't mind me asking? It plays almost identical to Pathfinder, with most of the differences being minute. The change from Vancian casting to MP casting is the only major change that stands out. The classes in the setting are, in most cases, Final Fantasy-ized versions of existing Pathfinder classes and work in very similar ways.

As for new additions, materia might be considered something that could potentially break a game from an economics standpoint due to materia mitosis after reaching maximum level, but that's easily fixable. I also implement a "bangle" system with materia in my FFd20 games, both because it is more in line with how it works in FF7 and so we don't have to contrive reasons why every item PCs pick up has materia slots to be considered "viable".

Do you have any immediate questions for me to answer? The recruitment is still about another day or two away.

Originally Posted by Materia Mage View Post
Hey that's wonderful news! The casting is the most obvious change, since the spells themselves are different and the numbers on the whole seem skewed somewhat in regards to magic. Id say if anything the classes seem slightly more powerful. Overall though no I dont think it would be too hard to adjust to. The framework seems nearly identical with only a few extra systems in place [materia, MP, Limit Breaks and Sub-Jobs if used].

But yeah I cant wait to see your recruitment, I will absolutely tell my boyfriend about it and we will both be ready to respond whenever you have things going.

I’m interested as a player. If you want suggestions on the setting of a particular FF game, I’ve always liked the more modern ones (7, 8, 15...). I also have a soft spot for the different versions of Ivalice.

Ooooh, this could be really interesting Love that they have a section on the Royal Arms!!

Probably going to build something with some healing if this makes it out of the planning stage


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