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Interest Check: FF20

I've loved Final Fantasy since the days of FFI on the NES. Never knew there was a PF version of the game, so I am at least super interested!!

Your setting sounds *amazing* btw!! Looking forward to learning more!!

That was a cool write up. Can't wait for the game ad. I have a couple of character ideas, but they're kind of vague. For example, an amateur musician or someone seemingly unremarkable who finds a Zodiac Stone (if they're a thing in this setting) and gets dragged into the resulting conspiracy.

I have managed to recruit someone from Discord to run a FFd20 game so that I can play as well, so there may be two recruitments opening up here soon for the Final Fantasy fans here.

The user I recruited plans to create a game set in Final Fantasy 8's world, around thirty years after the events of the game. I don't know many details, but the game is going to take place in a rebuilt Trabia Garden, with PCs being seniors close to taking their SeeD exam. Selphie Tilmitt is now headmaster over their Garden and, despite having matured somewhat since FF8, is apparently the least formal of all the Garden Headmasters.

I don't know the details on what classes or races are allowed, but I would imagine that it is Human-only and that magic classes may be up in the air depending on whether the GM plans to use the Draw system or not.

Here is the Final Fantasy Wiki article on Trabia Garden, if people are interested in giving that a lookover. Trabia Garden Wiki Page

Argh...I mean, that's great to hear, but I don't know if I can apply to both. I may have to pick one.

Originally Posted by RdMarquis
Argh...I mean, that's great to hear, but I don't know if I can apply to both. I may have to pick one.
Understandable. If it helps with some preliminary picking and choosing, my campaign is going to have more of the old-school Final Fantasy feel to it since it is based in an alternate Ivalice. MusoMaiden's game is going to be more modern, based as it is on Final Fantasy 8.

Very excited I haven't played FFXIV in a while but saw their newest expansion trailer yesterday, might have to try and make something along the concept of a Gunbreaker; Gunblade wielding tank. Maybe a Sword Saint (Duelist)//Fighter (Gunblade Specialist)?

Originally Posted by Materia Mage View Post
The Allaghan Empire had a program very similar to SOLDIER that involved infusing people with pure aether to make them superhuman. It's the same process that their successors in FF14, the Garlean Empire, used to make individuals such as Regula van Hydrus superhuman and, later down the road, alterations were made for it's use in the Resonant program. A deserter from the Empire having such an infusion is not so far-fetched. So there is your in-setting lore if you need it.
That sounds great! I'll base my background around there. I've never used Subjobs before so I'll have to consider what I might want to pick, but I'm sure I can figure it out when I get there.

I will most definitely apply to both of those games. FF8 was the first final fantasy I ever played. But I like all the final fantasies I've played thus far ^_^

Originally Posted by TheUnthinker View Post
Hey that's wonderful news! The casting is the most obvious change, since the spells themselves are different and the numbers on the whole seem skewed somewhat in regards to magic. Id say if anything the classes seem slightly more powerful. Overall though no I dont think it would be too hard to adjust to. The framework seems nearly identical with only a few extra systems in place [materia, MP, Limit Breaks and Sub-Jobs if used].

But yeah I cant wait to see your recruitment, I will absolutely tell my boyfriend about it and we will both be ready to respond whenever you have things going.
I'm the boyfriend! I'm absolutely excited to play one of these -- I've been playing FFXI trying to scratch my itch for Final Fantasy while I wait for Shadowbringers to come out and this seems like a great iteration to play by post.


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