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Ahkenut, Lord of Decay

Ahkenut, Lord of Decay

I just watched the new mummy movie and had this idea of a character I thought might be a cool idea for a Farland character. This is what I've thought up so far, I'll add more when I think of it or if any of you have some good suggestions. Let me know if any of it doesn't really fit in the campaign setting, I tried to make sure it wasn't conflicting with anything.

Ahkenut, the Lord of Decay

A great ruler who once lead a kingdom in what is now the cen-cenla desert, he was a greedy and evil ruler who sought ever more and more power. Despite how harshly he ruled over them, as their god-king he was worshiped by most of his subjects. Ultimately he sought immortality, but his life was cut short by an assassin during an revolt amongst those who began to question his rule. Years later his wish would be granted however, in part at least, as a cult who still worshiped him recently successfully performed a ritual not only bringing him back as their undead leader but also many of his now dead empire to serve him in undeath. He has been slowly gaining back power with the help of his cult and by raising more of his lost empire from the sand. He has been largely secluded in the great desert, so outside of his cult few living actually know about him but a few stories have made it out from travelers who managed to pass through and escape his domain. Stories say that he drains the life force from those around him, slowly turning them into husks that serve him loyally. This along with rumors that he has been working with Vornoth and the Dweller have given him the name Lord of Decay by those few who know about him. While he is currently a largely anonymous power, left undisturbed he and his empire will probably grow to be even more powerful than it was when he was alive.

However with much of his kingdom lost he now looks to expedite his glorious return by drawing on the power of living souls and converting their bodies into more troops for his undead army. Rumor has it that he has recently taken over the city of Budum to traffic souls from the booming slave trade into his desert empire. The Serpent Council has long been secretly run by the Elder, a dark entity who lives within a nearby pyramid and takes sacrifices to build his power. Rumor has it that the Elder is also a ancient devotee to Ahkenut and now helps him acquire slaves in exchange for dark knowledge on raising undead and drawing more power from the living himself. A few who have dared to spread this rumor have mysteriously disappeared, and while this is not an unusual occurrence its enough to make people nervous at even the mention of Ahkenut or the Elder's name.

Check out the Elder here. Think you could merge the two stories?


ah interesting, I was looking for something in the area but it seemed that the desert was largely undeveloped upon. I must have missed that city when scanning around the map with my mouse for stuff i could click. It seems like he would fit into that quite nicely, I'm even thinking it would actually work to keep the Elder and maybe make him a secret servant of Ahkenut (perhaps a surviving high ranking official from Ahkenut's old kingdom, who re-pledged his allegiance to him when he heard of his revival). I kind of imagined that Ahkenut is right now very much a background and unknown figure. I'll update it once I've thought about it some more.

Hmmm, so there's been no sign of this guy since July, which is a shame, because there's some good material here. Some very interesting potentials, opportunities. Unless you've an objection Farland, I'd like to try incorporating what we've been given into what I'm prepping for Eruna. I can already see a delightfully twisted connection to exploit for fun and profit...

Nope, go for it. It’s fair game. Put your own stamp on it.

Not fully my own stamp, so to speak, but a homage to one I always found amusing. Simple politics based on a simple question. If you have multiple former rulers of a nation rise up in undeath, won't they ALL correctly consider themselves the rightful rulers of that nation still?

Ha! Interesting...

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