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Maelstrom Sorcerer

Yeah I think the only way to do it currently is Spend Spell Slot, Spend Points, Regain Points, Use ability. If you want to encourage using the ability before you are down to 10 points there needs to be a benefit. If you really want to do it give an extra meteor /5 spell points. Or an extra 1d6/point spent so a level 20 could in theory rain down 30d6 if they blew all their points. Really not that big of a difference considering you can only be affected by one burst and 20d6 will clear most minions anyways.

Good point, Chaos. I was thinking more like what WhoEvr is thinking, which is that most players will wait until they’re down to 10. But I also don’t know that it’s that important to encourage use of Unleash before 10. It just gives flexibility. Let me think about it.

So if I limit the number of sorcerers points absorbed to CHR mod, I am probably do away with the requirement to use them quickly I am thinking. What do you guys think?

Was about to say "until completing a (long?) rest"? but you'd already accounted for that. Seems as reasonable as anything else.

I think my issue with removing it is every encounter would almost always be started with full points because folks could cast low level healing etc between battles to shore up points.

If it was a short rest, sure, but not a long one. That obviates the problem entirely. Unless I'm missing something about how sorcery points and rests work...

EDIT: Doesn't look like I am? It would also negate the sorcerer's capstone of +4 sorcery points at encounter start if at 0 if they did that, which late-game would mean that spellcasting to shore up points would be best served after an encounter begins rather than prior to it.

Yeah, I am with Chaos here. I feel like with a cap on points regained of your CHR mod per long rest, I don't feel like that would be a problem.

Yeah my recovery limit was CHR/round so that you didn't have the ability to regain 20/round as that seems high but I think limiting max 5/day is pretty low. You can still probably get rid of the use them by next turn though if you want they could go away after 10 minutes outside of combat or something.

What about use within 1 min, CHR mod per short rest?

Its going to get annoying to track, ok I gained 2 in round 3, 1 in round 4...

You could just say they go away after a short rest.


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