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Good program for world/city mapping?

Personally I would not feel comfortable using Inkarnate, considering their Terms of Service unequivocally state that anything you create within Inkarnate belongs to them:

ownership of website content

the website, its content, and content created using the website platform, are protected to the maximum extent provided by trademark, copyright and intellectual property rights law and applicable international treaties or conventions. all content displayed on or through the website including but not limited to: user created maps, user created custom art (objects and textures), website-provided map art (objects, patterns, and textures), fonts, user created notes, lore and textual map content (location, notes, map description, and title) is owned exclusively by inkarnate...

They probably have lawyers who have made sure this is all within their power to demand and I'm not saying they shouldn't try to make money with the service they've created (they offer an annual subscription which allows you to use your own creations for promotional or commercial purposes - no doubt while the subscription is in effect), I just don't like the idea that I don't own the rights to what I create outside of my job (where I've signed a contract and am compensated for my work).

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You'll need a fresh pair of shorts after you see that site. It's that amazing.
I second this. For a freeware mapper, it's incredible.


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