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Is it just me?

And yet I would argue that the perceived "low need for commitment" is the main disadvantage with online-based games such as PbP. Despite all of us playing with other humans, somehow the lack of having to look people in the face allows some online gamers to act in ways that most folks would never dream of doing in real-world scenarios.

Which is super weird to me. I find that I am much more polite, conversant, and understanding online, where my actions will be recorded forever than I am in meatspace.

Me too!

I just wanted to say thank you, and you are absolutely right. I guess I just got too fed up with what was happening and rather than attempting to correct it, I allowed myself to indulge in that very same behavior. Maybe I should try and dip my toe back in since this does seem to be the best / most active pbp forum I have come across. I shouldn't have let myself give up that easily.

I think part of it, at least for me, is the fantasy of what the game *could be*, but then do to myself or others, it just doesn't pan out the way. This applies to tabletop as well as pbp.

Originally Posted by Therren View Post
I just wanted to highlight the importance of this part specifically for GMs who want to keep their game running when players falling out is the issue. I'm in an off-site freeform DBZ game that suffers from the same sort of thing. We've had a good handful of people come in, post once or twice and get wrapped up in something with another player, then up and vanish. We've also had people who will, at times, post abysmally slow. (Full admittance - I fall into that category myself.) But we never actually shut the game down, even when the posting from everyone went to a dead stop for two full weeks while I was in the middle of a move and two other players were in the process of starting new jobs. Instead, we fired it back up and kept moving forward as soon as we were able.

Part of the reason we accomplished this is the fact that we all keep contact with each other offsite as well. We use Discord specifically, but it can be done via any group messenger or audio chat. We all give one another gentle reminders when we're falling behind on our posts and make sure to do so at the earliest opportunity. We discuss the game with one another off site, plan out story beats ahead of time, etc. (The game runner in particular does this a lot to keep things on track.) All stuff to keep us engaged at least a little in that game even when we're not actively able to play. The results speak for themselves - the game moves forward, the core of us who are most interested still playing, and those of us who have schedules that sometimes interfere with our ability to post are still able to contribute and be involved even if we hit a days or weeks long lull.
I absolutely agree with this. I am in a game where people use Myth Weavers to play, but also Discord to communicate as well, and it has been the most fulfilling of all the games I have been in. It seems to keep players active and engaged.


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