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Membership Questions

Membership Questions

Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I have a few questions about the website's membership option. I joined a few minutes ago to run a campaign for a friend after seeing how good the UI is and saw the option for a paid membership. I'm no stranger to paying for good features, since I was on Roll20 for years, but I wasn't able to parse out what all of the features you get are or what some of them do based on the brief description. If possible, could an admin give me a full breakdown of what you get, including details on what things like "2 campaign thread nesting" is? Thanks in advance for your time.

Community Supporters get a number of perks, as outlined here, on your UserCP.

Contextual Ads: Supporters don't have contextual ads displayed.
Private Message Storage: Supporters can store 5000 PMs instead of 2000 like regular users.
Private Message Recipient Limit: Supporters can send a single PM to up to 25 users at once.
Post Rate Limit: Supporters are not subject to the 1 post per 30 seconds limit.

Thread Group Limit: The maximum number of
essentially folders / filters for threads
thread groups a GM can have in his/her game forum.

Link for Thread Group explanation
In the GM Workshop, those 'folders' on the left ('Call to Adventure', 'Campaign HQ', etc) are thread groups.

Thread Group Nesting Levels: The maximum depth of thread groups a GM can have in his/her game forum.
(E.g. "Continent" >> "Country" would be 1 level of nesting. "Continent" >> "Country" >> "City" would be 2 levels of nesting.)

Thread Prefix Limit: The maximum number of different thread prefixes a GM can have in his / her game forum.
In the above link, the "Article" and "ReadMe" are thread prefixes.

Extra: Changing a game's name, unarchiving a game or changing a game's settings or system is submitted to a queue and handled by Staff. Supporters bypass the queue and have the changes take effect immediately.

Please don't hesitate to ask if there is still something unclear

Thread prefixes can be defined by the GM within his / her game forum

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