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SaltCon 2019 Gathering

SaltCon 2019 Gathering

Board Gaming convention
28th Feb - 3rd Mar. Layton, Utah, near Salt Lake City.

3 Weavers are present so far. Any others coming?

Since I am the resident Utahn (and honestly, it's close to where I live) I'll be your part-time host!
I am happy to give lodging and food recommendations. And recreation recommendations if you want to take a break from the Con and hit the ski slopes. (There's the ones that are easier to get to, and the one I really really like.)

Join us!
I don't bite, promise!

This sounds pretty cool. Thanks for the share. I'm about 15 mins south of SLC. This is nice and close. I'm pulling up the website to review. Is TTRPG included or standard and indie board games only?

@Kanavel ... wwwhhhhHAAAAATTTTT????!!!

A Weaver has been that close to me this whole time and I didn't know it?!

I live right there. And while I have to work, new job, I am getting off early and will be joining. Gonna grab me husband a badge, too!

There is TTRPG. Go look at the schedule. I'm not sure what i'm gonna do yet. I may wait until I get there, I may sign up before. We should plan some meetups. Ping me on the Discord Server!

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