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Notice of suspension of all activities

For you CC, I think I can manage to arrange a solo game.

Yay a soft cure! Good to know there is a chance of things getting better for you. Also, I do quite like your quote

Originally Posted by Catherine Cook
Either way, if I'm gonna live in wait, I see no reason not to play some D&D in the meantime.

Good luck, Catherine!

Glad to hear there is something to alleviate the symptoms. Maybe the soft cure will lead to something better. And, in regard to the original post, there's nothing wrong in wanting to be remembered well.

I hope you have all the time you need to find what you are seeking. And then enough time to truly enjoy it.

Update: another theory has been formulated but, due to budget constraints, the machine necessary to give me the required examination won't be available until february the 26th. So yeah, this essentially means that I'm still stuck on "now we wait" mode, only now I'm waiting for something a little different.

While I really wish they'd give you the diagnosis quicker and start the appointed treatments for it, that is still good news! Means they figured out something else they may have missed and it will lead to treatment. 'It sucks' doesnt really qualify/fit for 'it sucks you have to wait that long' but I'm not sure how else to say it. Just hold on, @Catherine Cook. Hopefully that Fairy Tail game is going to be a decent distraction for you.

I'll echo Diofant in the 'that sucks' commentary. It astounds me that a potentially life saving machine/test exists for someone with issues as serious as yours, and the medical decision is 'sorry, the machine that goes *PING* is unavailable for a month...guess you'll just have to wait dear'.

To misquote the words of the Great Karnak, 'May the fleas of a thousand camels infest their underwear drawers until they hurry up and get you taken care of!'

In the meantime, keep your head up and think happy thoughts. We will be, and I'm still adding you to my nightly prayers...every little bit helps, right?

@Catherine Cook Sorry to hear what you're going through = ( I hope time prevails and you get some answers!


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