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Formatting shortcuts not working

I think you are right. I think MW code would have to be changed to handle keydown instead instead of keypress.

Same problem with Firefox 65.
I run most websites in Chrome but have specifically clung to Firefox for the MW formatting.

To confirm, i rolled back to Firefox 64 and no longer have the problem.

I'll need to do some testing and figure out what to do, here - it could be as simple as replacing all the keypress with keydown, or there could be rewiring of all the vbulletin and yui editor code

First off, THANKS RODRIGO! Your, and the Admin team's responsiveness to these kinds of issues is one of the reasons I've stayed loyal to MW for so many years.

Second, adding my name to the list of people with this issue, and also confirming that clearing my cache did not solve the issue, but reverting back to 64.0.2 did. Also, for anyone having to deal with this, MAKE SURE TO DISABLE YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION BEFORE STARTING FF FOR THE FIRST TIME. I installed it, and immediately it updated, without any input from me. Apparently it's default set to automatically install updates...gotta love engineers that think we need them to do all our thinking for's almost as bad as M$. Anyway, make sure you set it to inform you but not install them before you turn your wifi back on. It's still pestering me about updating, but at least it wont do it til I allow it to.

I also find it amusing that so many people are willing to revert their entire browser because it's causing glitches in one website. I dont know if that's crazy, loyal, or crazy loyal, but either way, I think it's kinda awesome!


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