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High school is the best place to learn how to save the world, right?

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Well it's more the fact that FATE wasn't among any of the stuff that the OP mentioned he'd do, and truth be told there are a couple systems in there that I'm unfamiliar with that I'd like to learn. I could fill an Olympic sized swimming pool with the amount of FATE I've played on here.

Like I'm not against rules lite systems, but FATE I've been worn out on.
Not a system the GM said they'd run:

Not an unfair point.

However, all the GM has to say is no dice (Pun intended.) on FATE and/or Mutants and Masterminds, he's definably going with one of the other systems. And I'll walk away.

I've foolishly spent money on systems for table top games on this website before and it's ALWAYS ended badly. I'm not doing that again, and of the systems were I already know it/have the stuff too run with it, I'm either not using those systems anymore for personal reasons, or I don't think they'd be a good fit too the premise, or both.

Worn out on FATE:

Goes in the personal problems territory I'm afraid to say.

The persona fan in me calls to vote for number 4, where you also have to balance school and keeping it a secret from parents/teachers/police

I dunno... to me, at least, #4 feels more like Unseen University than an actual school. You probably are the faculty, I'm thinking more young adults (or adult adults) rather than kids, and the police would probably never get involved because it's the kind of light-hearted story which involves words like "hijinks" instead of actual criminal charges. Or at least, that's what springs to mind for me, anyway - though I do realise that the premise of the thread was "high school game" so maybe that's not what dystmesis has in mind, but it's what "Research Society" sounds like.

I feel like #1 might be more students getting up to secret stuff whilst parents and teachers are present but very much kept in the dark.

That's an interesting take. The idea was just an ostentatiously named club or other form of meetup that has gone far from its roots because everyone knows that stuff just isn't real. Until it is.

Oh, I see, Society as in club (like, Chess Club, Book Club, Hockey Club, Metaphysical Superhero Club, etc)! Yeah, that makes sense... just not what sprung to mind for me.

I actually kind of like that, too - it's a super-geeky club where nerds are always talking about, like, D&D or something, the dweebs! But actually it's all real and they have to fight monsters Buffy-style or whatever. I also like the proper academic research version, mind you.


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