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Beneath the Deep Blue Sea

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Beneath the Deep Blue Sea

Beneath the Deep Blue Sea - Forum

Welcome to Coralhelm! The major city of the Luxian Sea, Coralhelm is reined over by King Ryder, a Merman and the ruler of the whole Luxian Sea, and all of its people, which happens to include you!

Who are you? A 'sea urchin' living in the lower rim of the city? A noblewoman, gracing the courts of King Ryder while you pursue a relationship with one of his sons? A merchant, hawking pearls and novelties of the surface to those with the money to afford it?

You'll design a resident of the city, write up the backstory, and let the adventure take you where it goes!

Game Description:

Beneath the Deep Blue Sea can best be described as a game of transitions. You'll write up your characters as level 1. We'll run through four short adventures or encounters, leveling up after each, and establishing your connection with the king of the city.

At level 5, we'll have the first major adventure of this campaign. After that, it'll be another intermission of short adventures and encounters to level up until level 10 for another big adventure.

The goal is to get through to level 20 for one final adventure, but we'll see where the road takes us!

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hm... this seems interesting, though I'm not exactly good at typical characters, my character in another current game is a perfect example: a Magus Gunslinger combo that we're kinda homebrewing as we play.
I recognize that's not covered under "official Paizo content" but it illustrates the type of thing I'll start without realizing what kind of problems it's going to cause. (Kinda hoping he dies so I can do a half-decent concept instead of the 'whats thi-OOOH SHINY!' thing that I did making him. :/)
How are you planning on handling the whole 3-d element of being underwater? That seems like something that I'd accidentally-on-purpose break somehow.

So, in 3-D you have two numbers, distance and height. If you take the larger number plus half the smaller, it works pretty well and is faster than Pythagoras.

I'm not sure I understand what you mean NineStar

I'm not certain I understand Rudolf, but if you're talking about vertical movement, then that wasn't quite what I meant. (Glad to know that though, I can see it being useful) I was talking more about the lack of location-based hazards due to up and down no longer being issues. but now that I've thought about it I can see why that might not be as big an issue.

Purity: I mean that underwater effectively everyone can fly permanently with undefined maneuverability (angle of ascension being part of flight manuverability makes this weird). This means that you could have as many as twenty-six people fighting the same target (assuming all subjects are medium and there's enough space around the target) on top of that, any situation in which you're jumping, climbing, etc are no longer issues because you just swim there. Suddenly the biggest non-combat obstacle is the architecture itself, if there is any at all.
TL;DR: movement gets really weird when everyone can move in 3-D because everywhere is an option.
I'm probably just getting overly technical and it won't come up much, if at all, but I was curious.

Also, I'm going to assume that Gestalt is right out, seeing as how it's a campaign modification and not an actual class/feat etc.

Ninestar, this is also the case with high-level play. At level 10 or so, most characters can fly, and area-based hazards like pits, portcullises, and difficult footing are dealt with easily by spider climbing, dimension dooming, or the like.

There’s a table in Iron Heroes that shows how very many things can be overcome by 1st and 2nd level spells., and that was 2005.

Besides, even if it’s 3-D, you can still have zones where the plankton is acidic, or the seaweed is undead, or the Trench of the Elder Dragon Turtle. I wouldn’t worry about it.

But what I meant was that if an enemy is 100 away and also 40 above you, that the quick estimate is 100+20=120 feet.

And in some cases, that will mean you can’t see them, and vice versa.

Yeah, Rudolf has got the right of it on both answers

I haven't played an entire campaign underwater before, sounds like fun. I did play of few 1e modules years ago that delved into the water, but once underwater, there was a city/dungeon where the PCs could breathe.

Ok, thanks. I did forget that minor detail since most campaigns I'm playing are not very high in magic content, so things like a collapsed floor are almost always an issue. oops.


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