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Interest Check - Mutant Year Zero

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What setting would you play in?
Year Zero (Mutants) 5 45.45%
Genlab Alpha (Animals) 5 45.45%
Mechatron (Robots) 5 45.45%

Post-Apocalypse RPG

Now that the release of Mutant Elysium is only a few months away, I thought it would be best to get some experience running a Mutant Year Zero game.

Mutant Year Zero? Never heard of it

Mutant Year Zero is a post-apocalyptic RPG that uses d6s. It's very quick to pick up. The amount of dice you have are based on Attributes, Skills and Gear. When rolling, a 6 is a success and a 1 is a failure. Add the total amount of successes, subtract the failures, and that's your outcome. There are three different settings that can have been published, all in the same world; Year Zero, Genlab Alpha and Mechatron . What would people be more interested in playing?

Year Zero

The first published book. The player characters are a bunch of mutants, living on an Ark, a bastion of community and life in the ruins of a major city. Players will decide where the Ark is located, what it is and the individuals and resources that inhabit it. This game focuses on exploration around the area outside of the Ark, the Zone as the players attempt to find resources to sustain the Ark and search for the rumoured place of paradise, Eden.

Genlab Alpha

The second published book. The player characters in this are genetically engineered animals. In genetic laboratories, researchers tried to breed a new being, splicing human and animal DNA, creating a beast intelligent yet strong enough to survive in the devastated world. Kept locked up in an enclosure known as Paradise Valley, the characters in this will try to overthrow their machine Watchers in a revolution and escape into the wide open world.


The third published book. You are robots who have suddenly gained self awareness. Your city of Mechatron-7 is slowly decaying ever since your creators, the humans, left after their last command, to keep building materials for their wars. But the player characters aren't the only robots who have become sentient. Struggling with their newly found sense of identity, and assigned to the Error Elimination Unit to hunt down others like themselves, what happens next will be up to the players.

So, thoughts? Which setting would you be most interested in playing?

All the settings sound interesting to be sure, but my personal choice would be the Year Zero mutants. However, I have no experience at all with the system. I've only heard it mentioned once before and never got around to looking it up.

I'm big on the setting, but I'd prefer mechatron. The "slowly dying" mechanical effect of year zero is interesting, but I'm not too sure I'm into it.

I love this setting and premise! Joined the site to join this game!

I know more about Year Zero and played a short game before and loved it. I know less about Mechatron and it is the only book I do not have... yet. I am willing to play this setting if that is what you decide to go with, but might need help with the specific rules.

Edit: I just obtained a copy! I will start reading through it and get familiar with it, so I can now fully commit to a Mechatron game.

Alright, looking at the poll and replies, it seems Mechatron is the most popular. Give me a bit of time to set up the game and ad, and we'll be good to go!

I love this setting too. I would want to play the Genlab Alpha over the other two

Forgive my newb question: Where will the new thread be? I don't want to miss out on any new info, or the game for that matter.

This will be my first game on this site and am not familiar with how things run just yet.

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