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Sail the 7th Sea!

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Sail the 7th Sea!

For Greater Glory - Forum
7th Sea

Game Description:

For Greater Glory
A 7th Sea second edition campaign
Somewhere off the coast of Montaigne

Briny spray rains down on the deck as waves bead a slow dirge on the hull. The only relief from the dark is the flash of lightning just long enough to make statues of men toiling on deck.

The canvassed package is lifted, despite the protests of rope, and swung over the starboard rail where it hesitates. One rumble of thunder and the package is cut loose, falling in a flutter of canvas to be swallowed by the inky depths.

10 Days earlier

The docks of Muguet are busy this time of day. The clod of boots on planks ensure that there is no quite moment as you walk along. You can catch a glance of a small group of people who melt into the alleyway. Warm smells of fish and vegetables set the sunny day off to a pleasant start.

You make your way into a square where it is far less populated than you would expect...

About this game

7th Sea second edition is a narrative focused game that is light on the crunch and heavy on the story. The players and GM are both responsible for helping create the awesome stories that will unfold and I believe this system has a lot of potential for PbP.

If you are new to the system, the basic rules can be picked up from the publisher at the link below.

Let me know if you have any questions, and HAPPY SWASHBUCKLING!

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What happened to the Vesten in this game?

EDIT: NM, I found at least one mention of them. Settings has info on them but they've changed a bit.

Thanks for the question, I am planning on about 4-5 posts a week. If I had more time I would post daily but that’s what I can realistically commit to (I will be able to do more often during dramatic sequences)

High seas piracy and/or buccaneering? In 7th sea? Heard good things about the system so sign me up!

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