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Uploading character sheets

Just thinking about Orrins comments, striipping Unicode isn't a good idea as WotC seem to use so much of it for 4e. You don't know how much you'll lose. If you really do want to just strip then you can probably do it with a regex using \p{ASCII}

The best answer is not to copy/paste WotC stuff in the first place. Once you have the problem use a text editor that has no unicode support and work out what all the spurious characters should be, they usually show up as some sort of diamond or question mark in most GUI editors.

Just to be clear. I haven't copied and pasted anything.

I have a character that I've taken through several levels. At each level, I make a new sheet. It's that simple. I'd like to convert these to the sheets here at myth-weavers. Rather than retyping the bulk of the data on each sheet, I'd prefer to download the sheet, and then upload the sheet with a new name and then make the few smaller changes to represent the next level.

What I've found is that if I use Safari, I get the error identified in the original post when I try to upload with a new name. When I try it on Firefox, I get a white page telling me that my command failed (or something like that). However, the upload actually happens anyway and it either (seemingly at random) captures all the information or it doesn't.

There's clearly a gremlin in the gears here. But, at least in my case, it's not from cutting and pasting. I'm actually typing in the data.

The problem isn't copying and pasting. The problem is there being Unicode amidst your data.

Though it could also be something else entirely as well, I'd guess.

Originally Posted by ShriekingDrake View Post
Just to be clear.
Originally Posted by ShriekingDrake View Post
There's clearly a gremlin in the gears here. But, at least in my case, it's not from cutting and pasting. I'm actually typing in the data.

So, just to be clear.

Copy pasting WotC stuff is the common route for getting Unicode into the sheet, so far you haven't confirmed whether Unicode is even the issue in your case. I strongly suspect it is the case though because of your description of partial data, that was the original Unicode problem where everything after the first occurrence of Unicode goes missing.

It's not possible to check vague descriptions. So far, no link to the original sheet, no file posted of the xml. Both are required if we're to check anything. I can only test what I have and that causes no problems, everything works fine.


here is the xml that I originally encountered the error with. I do cut-n-paste from D&DI.

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There's no unicode in that file, it's already been changed so that the Unicode shows as uEo a suchlike, I'd guess you've edited in some way. Once it's asciified like that there's no problem.

I think your issue may that you are using invalid filenames, it must be .xml not .xml.ychat which is what this unzips to. Something at the back of my mind is telling me that's some ludicrous thing that safari does with xml by deciding that it's a chat log from yahoo.

Take a new dump and post that if you can, don't zip it just change the filename to .zip


Thanks for looking into this. Hmmm.

I don't believe I edited this at all, but it is now getting to be about a week ago so I won't rule out the possibility that I opened it up in TextEdit or vi or something and then saved it (though I always try to give things new names when I save them).

I believe swapping the filename back to XML was the first thing I tried.

I'll go through the sequence again and see if I can still see the problem and if so I'll post it (changing the filename to zip but not zipping it).


One little thing
Originally Posted by Akostic View Post
Found another thread dealing with this problem. going to quote so if others are having the same problem they will know why....
The problem of that thread was that someone wanted to upload a sheet directly from the WoTC DDI character builder. It is a different problem than the one you are having here.


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